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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Firefly: Brand New 'Verse (Part 3) Firefly
"Brand New 'Verse" Part 3
Firefly: Brand New 'Verse #3
BOOM! Studios
Written by Josh Lee Gordon
Illustrated by Fabiana Mascolo
Colored by Lucia DiGiamarino
Lettered by Jim Campbell
Character designs by French Carlomagno
Cover by Qistina Khalidah
May 2021


Emma and Lu make a breakthrough with the former Blue Sun captive.


Notes from the Firefly/Serenity Chronology


This story is set about 20 years after the events of the TV series.


Didja Know?


Firefly: Brand New 'Verse is a six-issue comic book mini-series published by BOOM! Studios in 2021. The story is set about 20 years after the events of the TV series.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue



Rasalia Robles de Meras








Jayne (dog)

Dr. Batra

Madame Klef

Wash (mentioned only, deceased)

Mal (mentioned only)


Didja Notice?


On page 2, Simon tells Zoe he still has some contacts on Osiris. Osiris, one of the wealthiest planets in the 'Verse, is the home world of Simon and River.


On page 3, the Tam-Frye household has Christmas lights strung around the yard, just as Kaylee decorated the door to her quarters on Serenity.


Also on page 3, Simon says that Kaylee can trace her lineage only as far back as her dad's junkyard on Kowlonshi.


Some Chinese characters appear on Rasalia Robles de Meras' clothing on page 4.


Simon's old colleague Dr. Batra has made attempts to reverse engineer advances human civilization has lost since the exodus from Earth-That-Was.


On page 9, Zoe mentions Wash's death at the sharp end of a Reaver's spear. This occurred in "Living Weapon".


On page 11, in trying meditation with Salo, Emma settles on the image of a leaf floating on the wind. Her father referred to himself as a leaf on the wind (" how I soar") while he was desperately piloting Serenity in a fall though atmosphere in an escape from the Reavers in "Living Weapon".


Emma says something in Chinese on page 14.


Lu says something in Chinese on page 15.


On page 16, Lu tells Emma he's been poking around on the Cortex researching the Blue Sun nav sim they picked up. The Cortex is the 'Verse's version of the worldwide web.


Lu learns that doctors at the Medacad on Osiris have been using sims to talk to near-dead folks, like those who are comatose. Medacad is short for "medical academy". Simon attended the Medacad on Osiris, as stated in "Government Goods".


Some Chinese characters appear on a Blue Sun document on page 17.


On page 17,  Rasalia says on the phone, "No te preocupes, Mama." This is Spanish for "Do not worry, Mama." 


In the simulation of  Rasalia's memories, Emma and Lu find themselves in San Francisco. It is seen that  Rasalia lives in a stack of module apartments attached to the Golden Gate Bridge, which is now half-submerged in San Francisco Bay due to climate change (though since the current-day bridge is about 220 feet above the water, it is unlikely it would be submerged at all, even with global warming causing sea-level rise).


     Rasalia turns out to be from  Earth-That-Was 500 years ago, when she signed a contract with Blue Sun Corporation to go to the 'Verse in advance in cryogenic suspension with others like her to prepare the lifeless worlds for the inevitable exodus of the population of Earth-That-Was.

    This also means that Blue Sun Corporation is at least 500 years old. But why would the company choose a name that seems to be based on the Blue Sun system of the 'Verse while the corporation is still based on Earth? The company also appears to have had the exact same logo 500 years ago that it has in the "modern-day" 'Verse!


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