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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

"Better Days" Part 2
Serenity: Better Days #2 (Dark Horse)
Written by Joss Whedon and Brett Matthews
Art by Will Conrad
Cover by Adam Hughes


The crew heads to the resort world of Pelorum to enjoy some of their new-found wealth.


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Didja Notice?


On the cover, Jayne's t-shirt has an emblem that looks like a character of Chinese writing at first glance (as fitting within the Verse), but it is actually the initials of cover artist Adam Hughes.


This issue reveals that Jayne's mother is named Radiant Cobb.


On page 9, panel 1, in Shepherd Book's joking version of what he'd like to do with his share of the crew's new-found wealth, there is a bottle of liquor with the label partially off the page. It appears to be whiskey and the brand name may be Dark Horse, after the publisher of the comic book; only a K and the word Horse are visible on the label. The label also says "Old No. 7", "Conrad" and "Made on Whitefall". "Conrad" is presumably a self-reference by artist Will Conrad. Whitefall is a moon of the planet Athens and it was visited by Serenity on at least two occasions when they attempted to do business with Patience, as related in "Government Goods". "Old No. 7" is a logo used on bottles of Jack Daniel's whiskey, so the artist presumably borrowed it from there; the meaning of "Old No. 7" on the Jack Daniel's bottles is unknown, even by the existing company, but might have been the batch/recipe that Jack Daniels himself originally chose to market.


Besides the whiskey described above, Book's joking fantasy depicts him smoking a cigar, sitting amongst a couple of lingerie-clad women, with stacks of money, a gun, playing cards, and a few lines of cocaine on the desk in front of him. Possibly this is where Book would see himself heading if he were still on his original path as an Alliance agent instead of becoming a shepherd (as seen in The Shepherd's Tale).


In Kaylee's fantasy panel on the top of page 15, a couple Firefly-class ships are seen.


Kaylee says she'd like to open a spaceship shop for her and her father. We see the name "Frye Airworks Design and Restoration". This suggests that her father is also mechanically inclined, like her.


River's fantasy on page 16 seems to depict her as a princess in an Alice in Wonderland/Dr. Seuss/Sid and Marty Krofft type of world.


Chinese translations
(Thanks to the Firefly-Serenity Chinese Pinyinary for the translations)
Page/Panel Chinese English
Cover Sacks of money have the Chinese word "Tong meng." Alliance
11/2 Simon says, "Xiao mei-mei." "Little sister."
11/2 Chinese writing on wall-hanging Unknown.
11/4 Chinese writing on wall-hanging Unknown.
17/5 Restaurant robber says, "bizui" "shut up"


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