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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Sapphire & Steel: Remember Me Sapphire & Steel
"Remember Me" Part 2
Audio drama
Big Finish Productions
Written by John Dorney
Directed by Lisa Bowerman
April 2008


Sapphire and Steel make a startling realization about their current situation.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode




Kate Lambert

Eric Gurney

Tessa Gurney (mentioned only, actually the Nostalgia)

the Nostalgia

Dan (mentioned only)

Gurney's wife (unnamed, mentioned only)

Dan's girlfriend (unnamed, mentioned only)

Myrtle (mentioned only, actually the Nostalgia)

Colin (mentioned only)

Charlie Page (mentioned only, actually the Nostalgia)


Didja Notice?


When Steel was under attack in the entertainment hall, he said the laughter he heard with it seemed to be coming from a Punch and Judy box. Punch and his wife Judy are the characters appearing in puppet shows popular in Britain. The box (or booth) is the "stage" the puppets perform in.


The Nostalgia (disguised as Myrtle) tells Eric that telly land needs someone like him again. "Telly land" is British slang for the televised entertainment business.


The Nostalgia is using incidents from Eric's and Kate's pasts to try to drive away or kill Sapphire and Steel. When the pair are assaulted by seagulls who break through the windows to attack them, the assault seems inspired by Kate's childhood, she saying, "I didn't like the Hitchcock film much." She is referring to the 1963 horror-thriller film The Birds, directed by Alfred Hitchcock.


The Nostalgia reminds Eric of the "good old days", including the "pantos". "Panto" is British slang for a pantomime musical comedy stage production.


Memorable Dialog


I want to eat your mind.mp3

how can she tell you something she hasn't noticed?.mp3

it's attacking us with their memories.mp3

old comics never die.mp3 


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