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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

The Matrix: Beyond The Matrix
Written and directed by Koji Morimoto


Some youngsters play in a “haunted house” in their neighborhood.


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Didja Know?


"Beyond" was an animated short that appeared on the Animatrix video relased in 2003 with seven other animated shorts.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this story


Yuki (cat)


Yoko's neighbors





Agent (unnamed)



Didja Notice?


The story takes place in a Japanese city of the Matrix. The crosswalk signs in the city make chirping sounds or musical notes when it's lit for crossing. This is true of many crosswalk signs in Japan. The tune played here is "Tōryanse", a traditional Japanese children's song.


At 1:44 on the video, notice that Yuki's shadow is seen on the building 20 feet or so in the distance where her shadow should not be able to cast. Even the cat itself notices something is off. This is the first indication of a problem in that area of the Matrix.


At 9:09 in the video, the futuristic exterminator truck has a stylized cockroach-like insect logo on it. Since the people in the truck arrive at the site of the haunted mansion to take care of the anomaly, the insect logo seems symbolic of eradicating bugs in the system. exterminators


While jumping to land an inch above the ground in the mansion, Masa shouts, "Banzai!" This is a Japanese exclamation meaning "10,000 years of long life".


At 12:15 in the video, the tin can that had previously been floating inside the old mansion appears to have the word "BEYOND" printed on it.


The date on the call log at 11:13 on the video has a date of 2-2-03, suggesting February 2, 2003 inside the Matrix. This is around 4 years after the events of The Matrix. However, the truce between the machines and humans occurs only about 6 months after The Matrix, so when does this story really take place? It would seem to take place before the truce. Of course, the date seen is probably more of a reference to when the short film was made, which was in 2003. So, we might assume it is still 1999 in the Matrix events of this story.


As the short film ends and "Matrix code" starts to swarm across the screen, a number of words can be made out, at least some of which are pop culture related: STAR TREK, USS ENTERPRIZE (sic), NEMESIS, TAKUMA, BEYOND, STUDIO, WORLD JAPAN.


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