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Jurassic Park: Redemption #3

Reviewed by Patrick Hayes aka PatBorg

The covers: Cover A by Tom Yeates (with colors by Jaime Grant) has the carnosaur after two "Flintstone rejects" while ironically destroying a church and a sign that states "Repent: The end is nigh". It's great! The color scheme makes me think of the Disneyland train that journeys into the Grand Canyon and Primeval World. Cover B is by Paul Pope (with colors by Grant again) has a dimetrodon impeding sales at a used car lot. This is the cover I purchased because I've always loved the dimetrodon and it's the brightest cover yet in this series. It's nice to see a dino in the daylight. Overall grade: Both A

The story: We've waited two issues, let the pay-offs begin! If you've felt this story moving slower than evolution, your fears will be dispelled. Terrific "fake-off" on Page 1 leads to Lex's arrival in Texas at her crop growing facilities, eagerly awaiting Sheriff Delgado. Meanwhile, Tim's mysterious wheelchair bound partner orders Dodgson to stall Backer, who's ticked some of the dinos got out last night, almost eating him. Page 4 has the sheriff declaring "this" was not the work of high schoolers. And from then on the fun begins. Page 5 really had me wanting nature to take its course. Dodgson continues to be a great twisted minion whose eventual downfall will be karmarific! Pages 8 and 9 continues a thread from last issue (though I don't see how this can be resolved in this series). Loved the High Dive moments, nice set up and delivery. And the last page is the perfect reveal. This is a solid pay-off I've been waiting for and writer Bob Schreck did it beautifully (which really is the worst possible adjective to use considering the visual)! It's taken three issues, but things are starting to really roll. Overall grade: A

The art: I've really enjoyed Nate Van Dyke's art. Yes, he's playing loose with the dinos, but for what he's giving I'm more than willing to go along for the ride. Page 1 is a lovely cinematic MacGuffin. I love the looks of the characters and the way he "moves" his camera. Page 5 is my favorite this issue. Page 9 is also an appropriately sized winner. I liked the dino's expression at the bottom of Page 13 because it brought back memories of The Land of the Lost's Dopey. Yes, I agree, Page 17 is a lot of empty space and could have been better filled with a more centered dino, but the comedy of Page 19 brought me back into the fold easily. Great editing is done across the middle of Page 21 (a slick way to unite all the story's characters). And that last page in art, and story, is perfection. Overall grade: A

The colors: Jamie Grant continues to do high quality work on this series. The skies could be monocolored (as I'm used to seeing them in books from the 80s) but he blends them in the same panel from purple to blue. Makes me long to see Grant do a western. His skies on Page 8 are also really nice. Page 5 is a great showcase for Grant with the bright exteriors and the dark interiors. Even with the rain falling later in the book, the coloring isn't dreary, and it really zips up Van Dyke's work. And Grant's handling of the last page draws your eyes even more to the dandy disfigurement. Overall grade: A

The letters: I love the "sound" of this book! "HSSsssss", "KOOM", "CLLAALLLUUUMMPP", and "HURK!?" Plenty of fun to read aloud, and, oh yeah, dialogue. Chris Mowry is aces. Overall grade: A

The final line: It took some time, but grab your tranq gun and hide the lawyers, Jurassic Park is back! Overall grade: A

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