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Jurassic Park: The Devils in the Desert #2

Reviewed by Patrick Hayes aka PatBorg

The Covers: As with last issue, two to choose. Cover A has art by John Byrne and colors by Ronda Pattison. The book's three heroes, unless you're rooting for the dinos, are each involved in their tasks: getting pictures, getting a bead on a target, and getting the hell outta there! As with last issue, this cover scene does occur in the book, but the teaser element makes it work: If you didn't read last issue (Shame!) you'd have to look inside to discover which dino is after them. It's a great cover by Byrne and the coloring by Pattison is just as excellent. The Cover R(etailer) I(ncentive) is the same as Cover A without Pattison's work. I always enjoy seeing an artist's "pure" work, but I really like the colored cover! Overall grades: Cover A A+ and Cover RI A.

The story: No time to catch your breath, since issue one came out only two weeks ago! Didn't get last issue? No worries! You can jump in safely here! A truck driver flips his rig to avoid hitting a woman who's been attacked. Who is she? Young Tyler sets out to find out what his mother was hiding from him. Will he get more than he bargained for? And our leads make the connection to Jurassic Park. Will they be able to stop the "genetically engineered theme park monsters"? All questions are answered, and, wow! If you felt last issue was dinosaur lacking, you'll get your fill with this issue. You get the confrontation(s) you wanted two weeks ago, and then some! The only way you could be more satisfied with this story is if it took a bite out of you. If you don't like it, just change your name to Buttercup and see what happens. And that last panel! I knew what it would be before it was revealed, and I practically clapped in joy when it was confirmed. What's Byrne going to do to top this? The story could have been neatly wrapped up with this issue, but there are two more to come...HOORAY! Overall grade: A+

The art: I'm continuing to enjoy John Byrne's widescreen comic art. There's only one double page spread and it's the most dramatic scene in the book. This could have been a gorefest on both sides of the food chain, but it's kept in PG territory, and it's probably more graphic that way: "What you could imagine..." The characters, creatures, vehicles, and weapons are top notch, but of particular note are the settings. I'm one of those guys in Southern California that will seek out locations where some of my favorite movies/television shows have been filmed. I so believe the landscapes of this book that I've become disheartened that I can't visit where this was "filmed"! I would love to check out and climb about "Tyler Rock" -- it's just so cool! How could you not love this? Overall grade: A+

The colors: I am still amazed that Ronda Pattison can make such stereotypical brown settings so gorgeous. The skies continue to highlight the dust and dirt. Even our heroes are wearing "drab" clothing that looks great; except Tyler and Monica, who are wearing reds. I feel like Lex yelling at Tim in the original Jurassic Park to turn off the flashlight, though I'm saying, "Take off the bright colors! You'll attract the dinosaurs!" Even colors are creating tension! Outstanding! Overall grade: A+

The lettering: A blasting horn, a cell phone's BREETs, dialogue, and screams comprise Shawn Lee's work, and nothing is second rate. I am a sound effects junkie and would have loved to see more sounds, especially in the last panel on Page 10, but they're not necessary to emphasize the drama...but I can't help but wonder what the sounds would have been. Still, Lee's on the ball. Overall grade: A+

The final line: To ruin, just a little, the book's final line, "I don't think this party is over yet!" Please, to all involved, don't let this party ever end! Overall grade: A+

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