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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
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Galactica 1880 (Part 3) "Galactica 1880" Part 3
Steampunk Battlestar Galactica 1880 #3 (Dynamite Entertainment)
Written by Tony Lee
Illustrated by Aneke
Cover by Ardian Syaf

While the Galactica stands alone against Baltar at Gemini, Starbuck and Athena face off against the Ovions in the debris field of the remains of Carillon.

Didja Notice?

Although the Cylonics have defeated the Colonial defense of Gemini, Lu-C-Fer informs Baltar that over fifty percent of their own forces were destroyed in the battle and another twenty percent are badly damaged. The computer recommends bringing the fleet back to Gamoray where reinforcements are available. In the original BSG episode "The Living Legend" Parts 1 and 2, Gamoray was a regional seat of the Cylon capital.

Another image of the planet Earth is seen during Jolly's connection to the Cylonic hive mind on page 6. Presumably, this is meant to again represent Helia (see the study of "Galactica 1880" Part 1).

Page 9 introduces Queen Lotay of the Ovions. The original series analog appeared in "Exodus" and "Deathtrap".

On page 19, panel 1, Apollo's goatee is missing!

On page 19, Apollo greets the long-estranged Starbuck with a hug and the exclamation, "My brother!" Is this just a friendly greeting, as in "brother-in-arms" or is Starbuck considered an adopted son of Adama?

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