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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Caprica: There is Another Sky "There is Another Sky"
TV episode
Teleplay by Kath Lingenfelter
Directed by Michael Nankin


Joseph attempts to connect with his son, while his daughter makes a deal to escape from V-World.


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Didja Know?


The title is presumably borrowed from that of the 1890 poem by Emily Dickinson. The poem refers to another world that is "serene and fair", though that hardly describes New Cap City! It's also vaguely possible it's a tongue-in-cheek reference Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, in which the dying Yoda tells Luke, "There is", referring to Luke's hidden sister, who turns out to be Leia, just as the title here may refer to the "lost" Adama, Tamara, dead, but whose avatar lives in V-World.


Didja Notice?


The scene at 8:35 on the DVD is a shot of the Vancouver street corner of Gore Avenue and Powell Street. (I assume from the following shot, this is supposed to be the exterior of Goldie's Off Track Betting.)
Gore Avenue in this episode The real Gore Avenue in Vancouver (from Google Maps)

The billboard in New Cap City seen at 10:16 on the DVD is a mirror-image of the one seen near the end of the Caprica opening sequence each week.

  Billboard in opening sequence   Billboard in New Cap City


At 10:26 on the DVD, notice a neon sign says "24 Hours Drive Thru" in New Cap City. This suggests a 24-hour day on Caprica, just as on Earth. There is also an ad for Lehte beer, a beverage imbibed in previous episodes, most notably "Gravedancing", and notice that the Mystery night club is glimpsed on the street below, later seen more fully in "Ghosts in the Machine".


At 11:05 on the DVD, a neon sign advertising poker is seen in New Cap City. The neon cards in the sign even show four aces. This is the first direct reference to poker in the BSG universe. Shouldn't it say "triad" and feature hexagonal cards?


At 11:11 on the DVD, we get our first glimpse of this era's version of Vipers, seen more fully on Philo and "Rachel's" first date in "Ghosts in the Machine".
Jet Viper Jet Vipers


At 35:25 on the DVD, Vesta is reading a month old newspaper in New Cap City. One of the articles is headlined "Poverty on Canceron Hits New Levels". Vesta reveals the newspaper also has a listing of the names of those known to have died in the maglev bombing, including Tamara Adams. Tamara's address is given as 615 Olympic Street #3, Caprica City.


The song sung by a woman at the Tauron ceremony to say farewell to the departed Shannon and Tamara Adama at 40:19 on the DVD is sung to the same rhythm as the Caprica theme music.


Notes from The Caprican


The article "Pipe Bursts on Olympic Street" is about a water main burst in front of 615 Olympic Street. This is also the address of the apartment building in which the Adama family lives. There is no water main burst that occurs in this episode, nor anything that would lead the viewer to believe something has happened that would cause it, so I don't know if there is intended to be any significance to the event described in this article.


Unanswered Questions


Does Zoe have the same abilities in V-World that Tamara does (can't die and can cause other player/constructs to spontaneously derezz)?


Memorable Dialog

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