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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Caprica: The Heavens Will Rise Caprica
"The Heavens Will Rise"
TV episode
Written by Patrick Massett and John Zinman
Directed by Michael Nankin

The Graystones seek out the Zoe avatar; Lacy confronts a Cylon.

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Didja Know?

This episode is the last appearance of the Tamara Adama avatar. She is missing from the final two episodes of the series that follow. Her fate remains unknown.

Didja Notice?

Tamara removes a glove from her hand before adding a final touch to the v-world landscape constructed by her and Zoe. Is it necessary for her "skin" (it's virtual, after all) to be exposed to work the magic? In "Here Be Dragons", Zoe is also seen removing a glove before she conjures up a beastie to attack her parents, searching for her in v-world.

Of Clarice's plan for apotheosis, I'm glad someone, in this case, Nestor, states the obvious, which is, the v-world Heaven they are constructing for the avatars is for copies of the real people, not the actual people themselves...the people will just be dead. The thing he doesn't mention though is, what about the "real" Heaven? If monotheists really believe in God, why does God need mere mortals like Clarice to create a virtual Heaven for His followers to go to after death? Shouldn't the monotheists already believe He has taken care of that little detail Himself?

At 14:19 on the DVD, notice that the monotheist compound on Gemenon appears to be built on top of some much older ruins.

After Lacy breaks ranks and stops the Cylon from killing the soldier Lexon, Diego tells her, "...when you're in charge, you can runs things your way." The statement becomes a harbinger of Lacy taking charge of a splinter group of disgruntled STO and overthrowing the monad leadership in "Here Be Dragons". Later, in the coda of "Apotheosis", we see she will eventually become the Blessed Mother of the Monotheist Church.

Notice that some of the makeshift equipment Clarice and her husbands have built in the basement of the Willow house for constructing their virtual heaven is submerged in an aquarium of fluid of some kind, presumably for cooling purposes.

When Fidelia Fazekas, the daughter of the Guatrau, greets Sam at Goldie's, he hugs her warmly and then tells her, "You look like score," which seems to be an affectionate insult. Presumably, "score" here means something like "crap". Sam uses the term again later in the episode when Willy comes home wearing an Avenging Angels t-shirt.

When Fidelia tells Sam she was bounced from prison on early probation due to lack of space from terrorist arrests, he remarks, "My tax dollars at work." Shouldn't he have said "tax cubits"?

Fidelia says to Sam, in Tauron, "If I told the details, I'd have to return you to the soil." Since "returning to the soil" is a Tauron way of stating "death", she is essentially using the popular joke, "If I told you, I'd have to kill you." Sam responds, "That joke's a lot funnier when it's a joke..."

The actress who plays Fidelia, Carmen Moore, also portrays Nina Leotie in Blood and Chrome and Sister Tivenan in the BSG2000 webisode "The Resistance".

At 19:08 on the DVD, a box on a shelf in Goldie's is labeled "STR-DE197". This is a stereo receiver model made by Sony.

At 22:09 on the DVD, a small can of Old Bay brand seasoning is seen in Joseph's kitchen as Ruth prepares chicken.

This episode reveals that Joseph had once had an affair with Fidelia while he was married to Shannon.

This episode also reveals that Odin has a thing for Lacy, though he seems not to have told her. We see him engaged in holoporn with a simulacrum of Lacy. Later, Lacy kisses him, making it a moot point that he didn't tell her his own feelings sooner.

At 31:52 on the DVD, Odin takes a pistol apart to make a smoking pipe out of it. He refers to the dried, crushed leaves he places into it as "cottle" (according to the subtitles; in "Here Be Dragons", it is referred to as "caro" instead). Is this meant to be a reference to Dr. Cottle, the chief medical officer of the Galactica in BSG2000? Shortly after this scene, Amanda is telling Daniel about Duram's shooting and says she's got him at the hospital under the care of the practitioner on duty, Cottle. Is this the same Dr. Cottle? In BSG2000, Dr. Cottle is fairly old, so if he is very young here, it's possible they could be the same person. 

Notes from the deleted scenes on the DVD

Who shot Duram? It's not revealed in the remaining episodes. The most likely suspect would be Singh or an STO member acting on his orders. Amanda speculates that is was probably the GDD (Global Defense Department) that shot him.

Memorable Dialog

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