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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Caprica: Rebirth Caprica
TV episode
Written by Mark Verheiden
Directed by Jonas Pate


Graystone tries to understand why he has been able to create only one intelligent robot; Zoe, trapped in a mechanical body, turns to her friend Lacy for help.


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Didja Know?

This was the first episode of the actual Caprica series after the 2-hour pilot was picked up by Syfy. It delivers the Caprica opening titles for the first time, filled with symbolism about the main characters and statuary of the gods. Notice at 7:24 on the DVD (or 43 seconds into the opening titles if you time it by itself), that a building in the background has a digital banner reading "Welcome to New Cap City", suggesting the particular scene depicted is from the virtual version of Caprica City seen in episodes starting with "There is Another Sky".
Didja Notice?

At 2:29 on the DVD, notice during the flashback scene of the VR club that the temple ahead of Zoe says "The One True God" on the entablature.
In this episode, it's revealed that the MCP only works in the original U-86 body that Daniel loaded his daughter's avatar into in "Pilot" Part 2. Somehow, the Zoe avatar has bonded to both the MCP and that particular prototype body so her intelligence only comes through when the MCP is in that body. Of course, she is hiding the fact that it is her in the body from everyone but Lacy. 

Lacy's cell phone at 5:40 on the DVD, is a G-Zone Boulder, made by Casio.

Cap News is seen to be a major televised news provider on the planet Caprica.
A popular financial television program on Caprica is Cubits and Pieces. Cubits, of course, are a form of currency in the Twelve Colonies, possibly similar to the U.S. dollar. If cubits are like dollars, are "pieces" meant to represent Colonial cents? If so, the financial program would have the equivalent title of Dollars and Cents.
In this episode the Caprica Buccaneers pyramid team goes up against the Olympia Stallions. (Serge's Twitter feed says that Olympia is a wealthy suburb of Tauron's capital city of Hypatia.)
Several cars are seen parked on the street at 8:26 on the DVD. The first two from the right appear to be a Citroen DS Break (Wagon) and a standard Citroen DS (Joseph's car). The third from the right appears to be a Smart Car.
The establishing shot of Joseph's apartment building is seen numerous times throughout the series. Notice that the direction of the stop signs change in shots. Sometimes on the backs of the stop signs are visible and sometimes the fronts are, even though we are viewing the scene from the same direction each time! Do the stop signs in Caprica City swivel to stop cross or oncoming traffic at different high-congestion times of day?
The flyer for the Memorial Event for the victims of the maglev bombing states that it is on Junius 7th. The event is sponsored by Graystone Industries, C-West Coffee, Caprica Realty, Transworld Industries, Friends of Aquarion, and others. (The Caprican of Februarius 6 states that the memorial is to be held "this week", i.e. in Februarius. The date stated in the episode must be considered the correct one since The Caprican is really an online "newspaper" for our world about events on Caprica and the dates in it correspond to when the articles were posted and the corresponding episode was to air for the first time on Syfy.)
The living room in the Graystone mansion is slightly redesigned from the one seen in "Pilot" parts 1 and 2. During the filming of "Pilot", a real world home was shot on location. For the actual series, a replica set was built on a sound stage. On the set, the bar area was painted entirely white, while some blue was apparent in the real world home. Also, Zoe's bedroom is no longer in a downstairs area; it is on the ground level, adjacent to the living room.
The Graystone Industires vehicle used by Philomon and Drew to transport the U-87 to Daniel's home lab is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cargo van (also sold by Chrysler in the United States and Canada). This particular one may have been sold or rented to the Caprica production by Carter Dodge Chrysler in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, near Vancouver, where the series was shot.
The Caprica license plate appears to be TX-00-K9.
At 13:37 on the DVD, notice that the U-87 has the pentagonal-shaped Cylon symbol on the back of its head. It also looks like it has a SCSI-3 port, or something similar, just below it!

At 14:18 on the DVD, it can be seen that the U-87 plate on the front of the Cylon prototype has an additional code number underneath it, PMD-0407-1690-0008. In some scenes throughout the series, this part of the plate is blank. It may be a differnece between the CGI and life-size set piece versions of the U-87.

At 14:22 on the DVD, a bolt in the pentagonal Cylon shape is seen on the U-87's arm. (Another bolt on its leg is seen at 14:38.)

The musical piece Daniel is playing on the piano at 18:25 on the DVD is "Exploration", the opening prelude music of the original BSG ("There are those who believe..." etc.). On his blog for BSG2000, Caprica composer Bear McCreary reveals he originally borrowed it for the BSG2000 episode "Someone to Watch Over Me" and called the piece, within the story, “Nomion’s Third, Second Movement” by Stu Nomion. Stu Nomion is intended to be the in-universe representation of original series composer Stu Phillips.
At 18:51 on the DVD, notice there is a framed photo of Daniel, Amanda, and a baby (presumably baby Zoe) on top of the piano being played by Daniel in his home lab.
At 21:14 on the DVD, it's obvious that one of the produce boxes is from the Dole Food Company!

This episode is our first indication that Sam Adama is gay, as he mentions his boyhood trying to flirt with boys while his brother would date their sisters.
The Tauron language signs seen throughout the series are generally written in Greek. Caprican words seem to be English.
At 23:17 on the DVD, an electric guitar is seen in Daniel's home lab. Does he play?
The shot of the Graystone dog, Caesar, laying at the feet of the U-87 at 24:39 on the DVD, suggests that the pooch knows somehow that the robot contains an avatar of Zoe's soul.

Clarice's wives and husbands insinuate that she and Nestor were trying to seduce Lacy Rand for some purpose. Clarice sarcastically asks her young husband, "Nestor, did I ask you to seduce Lacy Rand?" to which he responds, "What? No!" But the deleted scenes for the episode reveal that the two did arrange elements of their meeting with Lacy to do exactly that (mostly for the purpose of gaining access to Lacy's knowledge of Zoe's avatar).
It's implied by Clarice's spouses during their not-quite spoken accusations about the lunch with Lacy, that Clarice has a "track record". To what are they referring? Has Sister Clarice had inappropriate relations with a student in the past?
At 25:56 on the DVD, Daniel is throwing a wad of paper at a goal mounted on the wall that appears to be based on the game of pyramid.
At 26:26 on the DVD, notice that, for whatever reason, the pages of the "manual" of the U-87 which Daniel flips through, are not trimmed at the corners in the normal Colonial manner, having square corners instead.
At 27:04 on the DVD, a painting in Daniel's home lab depicts two hands reaching for each other with index fingers extended. It bears some similarity to the hands of Adam and God in the famous painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo, The Creation of Adam, ~1512. Here, it is possibly an allusion to Daniel Graystone giving life to a new species in the form of the Cylon.
At 27:44 on the DVD, Sam says the car parked on the street is nice, but looks "like skor". Serge's Twitter feed implies that skor is Tauron for "shit".
At 27:57 on the DVD, Carley Quality Meats Ltd. is seen next to the business vandalized by Sam. This is an actual meat market in Vancouver.
At 28:06 on the DVD, there are a number of "extras" (they appear to be just real world employees of the businesses on the street) in the background calmly observing the "vandalism" caused by actor Sasha Roiz as Sam Adama.

The patch on the police officer's arm at 28:38 on the DVD reads Caprica Justice Department. The logo includes an eagle-like symbol, not entirely dissimilar from the emblem of the Galactica on BSG2000, which makes sense since the Galactica represented Caprica in the Colonial fleet. (A Caprican flag with a stylized symbol even more like the Galactica one is seen at 38:27.)

The police van at 28:45 on the DVD appears to be a Mitsubishi L300 Delica.
When Amanda is watching home movies of Zoe as a teenager in the recent past, notice that Zoe is seen wearing an infinity symbol pin, the symbol of the Soldiers of the One. 

The shot at 31:50 on the DVD is the corner of Gore Avenue and Powell Street in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where the series was filmed. The building on the left of screen is the exterior of Goldie's Off Track Betting in the series (although this scene does not seem to be intended to represent Goldie's).
Shot from this episode Corner of Gore and Powell, Vancouver (from Google Maps)

At 31:52 on the DVD, Sam and Willie are released from the Caprica City Police station at 667 Gore Avenue. This a real street in Vancouver, currently a real estate office.
At 32:38 on the DVD, a man ducks out sight on the left edge of the screen in the yard of Lacy Rand's house; probably a member of the production crew.
When Joseph confronts his son about ditching school, notice that Willie uses his uncle Sam's advice: "Someone tries to make you feel guilty, you figure out what they feel guilty talk about that."
At 33:57 on the DVD, we see one of Caprica's newspapers, the Caprican Northwest Tribune. The article from the Caprican "Storm of the Century Hits Caprica" appears to be a reference to the events of a headline that appears on the front page of the Tribune in this episode "Worst Storm of Decade Damages Thirty Homes".

At 34:06 on the DVD, an ad for the New York Lottery is seen on the side of the newsstand, partially obscured by a sticker over it.  

Sister Clarice goes to a drug bar called Dive.
Mrs. Stark gives Amanda a few things she found in Ben's room that she believes belonged to Zoe. One of them is a book called The Physics of Religion and Spirituality: A Caprican Approach by someone with the last name Hardage.
As Amanda takes the stage at the memorial event, microphones for both CAP News and CAP TV Entertainment are seen on the podium behind which she stands.
One of the books seen on the shelf at 44:30 on the DVD appears to be Basic Principles of Design by Manfred Maier from 1981.
At 45:46 on the DVD, the Graystones pull away from the mob in what appears to be a Jaguar automobile, possibly a Jaguar Mark 2.

Notes from The Caprican

The article "Amanda Graystone reveals family link to MAGLEV bombing" is dated Februarius 8, even though a flyer in this episode states the memorial takes place on Junius 7th. The date stated in the episode must be considered the correct one since the Caprican is really an online "newspaper" for our world about events on Caprica and the dates in it correspond to when the articles were posted and the corresponding episode was to air for the first time on Syfy.
The article "Who Are the Soldiers of the One?" states that Zoe was 15 when she was killed in the Maglev explosion. Actually, she was 16.
Notes from the podcast commentary by David Eick and Jonas Pate on the DVD

Armenians were the models for the Taurons.
Notes from the Deleted Scenes on the DVD

Another pyramid team called the Storms is mentioned. Whether they represent another city on Caprica or another colony world is unrevealed.
Serge knows that the Zoe avatar is inside the U-87.

Memorable Dialog

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