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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Caprica: Gravedancing Caprica
TV episode
Story by Michael Angeli and Jane Espenson
Teleplay by Jane Espenson
Directed by Michael Watkins


The Graystones attempt damage control; meanwhile, vengeance closes in on them.


Read the synopsis of this episode at the Battlestar Wiki site


Didja Notice?


Agent Duram shows Director Singh a court order he obtained from the Inter-Colonial Court on Libran, last order of the day Themis Standard Time. The Colony of Libran is known for courthouses and jurisprudence; on our Earth, Libra is the sign of the Zodiac represented by the scales of justice. Themis is a city on Libran as revealed in the BSG2000 TV movie The Plan, so here it would seem that Themis time is one that is used as a standard on Libran.


At 3:42 on the DVD, vending machines for both the Courier and Metro newspapers are seen across the street. The Courier is a Vancouver semi-weekly newspaper and the Metro is a free daily newspaper throughout Canada.


Why does Clarice throw away her e-sheet at 3:48 on the DVD? Isn't it reusable? Was it just to prevent the text message she sent from being traced back to her?


Ruth tells Willie that on Tauron a boy is considered a man when he turns 13.


At 6:30 on the DVD, notice that Sam has a wobbling dashboard figure of a bull in his car. A bull is the Zodiacal symbol of Taurus.


Philomon tells the U-87 it needs a name, but as far as we know, he never gives it one.


At 14:26 on the DVD, the logo on Sam's car can just barely be made out as a Ford Galaxie! Possibly a Galaxie 500.


    At 15:09 on the DVD, Joseph enters a store and we see a refrigerator with a lit plastic header reading "Drink  Refresh  Recharge". This is a slogan used by Energy Brands (aka Glaceau), a company owned by Coca-Cola, which sells enhanced bottled water.
   Some kind of advertisement for the Winter Olympics is also seen here. In 2010, the 21st Winter Olympics was held in Vancouver (Caprica was filmed in Vancouver and this episode was shot in 2009).


Keon works at a bicycle and motorcycle repair shop called the Bike Kitchen. On Earth, a bike kitchen is a generally non-profit cooperative where people can repair their own bikes using tools provided by the co-op or, alternatively, pay to have an experienced cycle repairperson fix it for them.


Duram is disappointed and suspicious at not finding any incriminating STO-related evidence at the Athena Academy after his men ransack the student lockers; he knows someone tipped off the guilty parties. He wants to go further and begin electronic surveillance of the students there, telling Director Singh, "Now, we find out who it was who warned those kids, we find out who it was who's running the operation." Ironically, it is Director Singh who turns out to be Alvo, running the STO's Caprican operations (as will be seen in "Blowback").


Giving the go-ahead for surveillance of the students, Singh tells Duram, "You're wrong about this, I own your or-kyahs," which Duram describes as Tauron slang and "very street". It's not revealed exactly what or-kyahs means, but from the context, probably means "balls"; Duram says, "Fine. If I'm wrong, I'll serve them to you on a plate."


While testing the limb movements of the U-87, Philomon plays some music to dance to, flicking through a few pieces before stopping on a dance tune. The second piece he flicks through is an orchestral score which will become the Colonial Anthem after the unification of the Twelve Colonies after the start of the first Cylon War. It is also better known to viewers as the main theme of the original Battlestar Galactica TV series (BSG70).


At 20:40 on the DVD, Zoe's dress suddenly has the shoulder strap on the left shoulder instead of the right. The film must have been flipped in editing for esthetic reasons.


Notice at 22:45 on the DVD that even old Ruth as a Tauron tattoo on her arm.


Stopped by a production assistant backstage at the Backtalk with Baxter Sarno show who tells him backstage visitors need to show a plastic bracelet, Sam says, in Tauronese, "I don't need no plastic bracelet..." This may be an homage to a line from the 1974 comedy classic film Blazing Saddles, "We don't need no stinking badges," (which itself was an homage to the 1948 film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, "We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any stinking badges.").


Cyrus remarks that sales of holobands are 60% of Graystone Industries profits. (Not after this episode!)


At 34:53 on the DVD, the tattoo on Sam's right hand middle finger is the symbol of Tauron.
Tauron symbol tattoo Tauron symbol (from the Battlestar Wiki)


At 35:38 on the DVD, Joseph appears to have a can of beer on the table in front of him called Lethe. The side of the can says "Imported", so it's probably a Tauron brew. In Greek mythology, Lethe was one of the five rivers of Hades and those who drank from it were said to experience forgetfulness.


At 40:24 on the DVD, notice that Sam shakes the two beer cans on the table and takes the partially full one away from Joseph in just a split second.


After Daniel reveals that he spoke to an avatar of Zoe after her death on Backtalk with Baxter Sarno, Amanda is shocked to learn of it. Notice at the end of the episode that Daniel continues to lie to her about it, even as they share a loving moment, in downplaying the sophistication of the Zoe avatar he encountered. At this point, it's possible he just wants to spare his wife additional pain since he believes the avatar was lost when he attempted to upload it into the U-87 in "Pilot" Part 2


Notes from The Caprican


   The article "Playing the Field: Lonely Girl from B.C. needs our help & more!" is a tie-in to Earth's own Valentine's Day and published shortly after. It speaks of Caprica's equivalent holiday, Eros Day. The article is from the "Playing the Field" romance column in the Caprican, which features letters asking for romantic advice.
   The first letter is from Skylark Thibedeau who has come to Caprica from Brachyura City on Canceron. "Brachyura" is the name of the infraorder in which decapod crustaceans, i.e. crabs, belong; a crab is the Zodiacal symbol of Cancer. Additionally, the reference to Brachyura City as "B.C." in the article's title may be a reference to the abbreviation of British Columbia, the Canadian province in which the Caprica series was shot. The name "Skylark Thibedeau" seems to come from the name of a player-character in the Star Trek Online MMORPG; Star Trek Online just happens to have the abbreviation STO...Soldiers of the One, anyone? In the Star Trek Online game, the character of Skylark is a genetically augmented human female from an illegal genetics project referred to as the Sisters of Kyniska or the Children of Khan; notice that in Skylark's letter to PTF here, she remarks that she has a brain and wants someone with an intellect, which could be a reference to the "superior intellect" of which Khan himself bragged in Star Trek.
   The second letter is from John DeLancy. This is likely a reference to actor John De Lancie, who played Q in three of the Star Trek TV series.

Memorable Dialog

dance on her grave.wav
we are not company spokespeople, we're parents.wav
can I help you.wav
I'll give you a thousand cubits if you let me have a cigarette.wav
you get the best things from enemies.wav
a moral dictator called God.wav
did you lose someone on that train?.wav
now that's a nice looking chest.wav
Graystones are on Sarno tonight.wav

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