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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com

Caprica: End of Line "End of Line"
TV episode
Written by Michael Taylor
Directed by Roxanne Dawson

The conflict between Clarice and Barnabas escalates; Zoe attempts her escape.

Read the synopsis of this episode at the Battlestar Wiki site.

Didja Know?

   The title of this episode is a phrase used occasionally by the Cylons in BSG2000 to signify the end of a conversation. It is also likely a reference to the same phrase used by the Master Control Program (MCP) in the 1982 movie Tron; the abbreviation "MCP" (for "meta-cognitive processor") is also used in Caprica for the computer chip that brings life to the U-87.
   Additionally, the title refers to endings within the episode: Zoe's relationship with Philomon ends with the end of his life; Tamara shoots herself in V-world, faking her death so that her father will go back to living his life; Lacy's innocence ends when she pushes the button meant to end Clarice's life; Amanda attempts to end her marriage and her life by jumping off Pantheon Bridge; the U-87's life ends in the car crash; Zoe's existence is presumed ended with the U-87 (though we learn in "Unvanquished" she uploaded back into V-world just in time).

This episode is directed by Roxanne Dawson, who is best known as an actress and her portrayal of B'Elanna Torres on Star Trek: Voyager.

Didja Notice?

The image on CAP TV at 2:28 on the DVD of a Caprican red-tailed raptor is probably of a real world red-tailed hawk.

The radio chatter during the chase by Caprican police of the U-87 in the truck reveals Zoe is driving along Colonial Highway 5. Possibly, this is a reference to U.S. Interstate 5 which runs from the border of Mexico in the south to that of Canada in the north, turning into British Columbia Highway 99 at the Canada border and continuing into Vancouver, where most of Caprica was shot.

At 8:28 on the DVD, Amanda is reading the Caprican Financial Times on a handheld device. The header reveals the newspaper is available in Caprican, Tauronese, and Gemonese. The front page headline is "Military Awards Graystone Robot Contract". The first couple sentences of the article read: CAPRICA CITY - The Defense Department announced that they had awarded a coveted military robotics contract to Graystone Industries, after Graystone demonstrated a prototype with a unique artificial intelligence and learning capacity. "Our goal is to save Caprican lives, and deter attacks by our enemies, by augmenting our human forces with robots capable of performing battlefield tasks," said Defense Minister Joan Leyte, who was...

At 8:49 on the DVD, Amanda's prescription bottle has instructions on it to take the pills with water. A second later, we see her taking them with what appears to be alcohol, never a good idea with meds!

At 8:53 on the DVD, we see that Amanda is watching a documentary about the Pantheon Bridge. This is where her brother was killed in a car accident years ago and where she will attempt suicide at the end of the episode. The Pantheon Bridge seen in this episode is actually the real world Burrard Bridge in Vancouver. The closing credits reveal the documentary clips were provided by the City of Vancouver Archives.

At 9:11 on the DVD, we get a glimpse in flashback of a dripping razor blade on a sink, suggesting that Amanda attempted suicide by slitting her wrists in the past after her brother was killed. At 34:39, we see a scar on her left wrist as well.

AT 11:26 on the DVD, a label on the side of the crate Barnabas shows to Lacy indicates it is meant to hold a motorcycle for the Stig Import Company; of course, the idea is it will hold the U-87 instead. The "Stig" of "Stig Import Company" may be a reference to "stigmata", a representation of the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ on the hands, wrists, or feet, seeing as how the STO believes in a single God, but does not yet have a messiah (the Zoe consciousness within the U-87 may be that messiah in some sense). A second label indicates the crate is to be shipped from Caprica to Gemenon. The stenciling above, "GEM-FRT" may be short for "Gemenon Freight".

At 17:05 on the DVD, after Daniel tells Colonel Patel that the lab on his estate which they are now in is where the MCP was first united with the U-87 chassis, she remarks, "I guess you could almost say this is the birthplace of artificial life." She is more right than she knows, as we later learn in "Things We Lock Away" that this is where Zoe, even earlier, brought her own avatar to life in V-world.

The actress who plays Colonel Patel, Jill Teed, also portrays Sergeant Hadrian in BSG2000.

Daniel's anger at Philomon about his attachment to the U-87, is really a reflection of his own wavering belief that his daughter's personality is inhabiting the robot.

When Joseph finally finds Tamara in New Cap City, he hugs her and says, "Thank the Gods! Thank Jupiter!" Jupiter is probably the preferred Tauron name for the first Lord of Kobol, known as Zeus among Capricans as mentioned in episodes of BSG2000. On Earth, Jupiter is the Roman name for the king of the gods previously known in Greece as Zeus.

This episode reveals that the Emmanuelle character in New Cap City is really Joseph's assistant, Evelyn.

The limousine used by Vergis at 33:20 on the DVD is a Jaguar. The Graystones were also seen in a Jaguar in "Rebirth".

At 35:24 on the DVD, Daniel is playing the Caprica theme on his piano.

Clarice's car has the steering wheel on the right-hand side, though automobiles in the series thus far have had theirs on the left.

At 36:18 on the DVD, we see that Sister Clarice has a cartoonish panda fob on her keychain. I guess there must be a panda-like creature on Caprica or one of the other Twelve Colonies.

The cell phone that Lacy is made to use to send the destruct signal to the bomb in Clarice's car appears to be a Nokia 6630 smartphone.

Notes from The Caprican

This episode was the mid-season finale of the series, aired on March 26, 2010. The next episode ("Unvanquished") did not air until October 5, 2010. Hence, the Caprican articles published online dated March 26 through April 30 all more-or-less relate to our current episode or more non-specific aspects of Caprica. There is a gap in publication after April 30 until a posting on July 27, simply stating the paper has been on hiatus recently due to some legal entanglements, with a promise to return soon. Regular publication resumes on September 29, shortly before the airing of "Unvanquished".

The article "Caprica Prepares for Upcoming Census" is probably intended as a touchpoint for U.S. viewers to the United States Census that was going on the year this article was published (2010).

Memorable Dialog

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