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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Caprica: Blowback "Blowback"
TV episode
Written by Kevin Murphy
Directed by Omar Madha

Lacy heads to Gemenon for STO training; Singh delivers an ultimatum to Duram to reveal his STO informant.

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Didja Notice?

At 1:05 on the DVD, a quick indication that Lacy is on Gemenon is given by the Gemenon symbol on a banner hanging from the ceiling of the spaceport.

Lacy first bumps into Odin at the Gemenon spaceport and asks if he speaks Caprican, to which he replies, "Everybody speaks Caprican." This is likely a play by the writers on the common western perception here on Earth that everybody speaks English, even if their native tongue is something else. 58 years later, in BSG2000, the members of the rag-tag fleet generally all speak Caprican as well, whether or not they are Caprican in origin.

In this episode, Diego states that Gemenon is the birthplace of monotheism.

At 5:18 on the DVD, Clarice has what looks like a giant matryoshka doll in her room. Matryoshka dolls are Russian nesting dolls, a set of ovoid wooden dolls of decreasing size, each nested within the one previous.

Amanda hints to Mar-Beth that Clarice may be using drugs again and Mar-Beth retorts that Clarice has not used Purple for months. "Purple" is a variety of opium used legally on Caprica.

This episode reveals that Gara Singh, director of the Caprica City branch of the Global Defense Department is also Alvo, Clarice's virtual contact to the STO since "Reins of a Waterfall" (and earlier, though we didn't see those communications).

At 23:05 on the DVD, Reikle, in his subterfuge as a terrorist agent of polytheism, declares the concept of a single god to be man creating God from his own image. Of course, this is the opposite phrasing of Earth's Hebrew-Christian Bible, which states that "God created mankind in his own image." 

At 24:49 on the DVD, one of the STO recruits kisses Reikle's necklace of the Arrow of Apollo. The historic Arrow of Apollo is mentioned, and later seen, in several episodes of BSG2000.

The issue of the Caprican Tribune that Gara Singh pulls out of a sidewalk newspaper machine at 27:38 on the DVD is the same one being read by Daniel days earlier in "Retribution"! (Photo of the prop newspaper from Propworx.)

At 28:07 on the DVD, Olaf walks onto Georgia Street (an actual street in Vancouver, Canada where the series was shot).

    At 29:58 on the DVD, when Daniel chooses to delete the failed Amanda resurrection program, Serge asks if he should upload the backup to the satellite drive. Daniel chooses to delete both the working program and the backup, which is a dramatic queue to the audience, but seems highly unlikely for him to actually do as a professional; keeping copies of failed programs for reference is often necessary to prevent making the same mistakes in the next iteration.
Presumably, a "satellite drive" is a backup to a satellite orbiting Caprica to ensure a level of survivability even in the event of a planet-wide catastrophe. In our own world, satellite drives have not been enacted as of yet, as far as I know, but there has been some discussion of placing a server farm on the Moon to protect data in the event of an Earth-wide catastrophe.

At 30:30 on the DVD, Olaf uses a W10X/20 lens on a microscope to examine Zoe's infinity pin. W10X/20 stands for a 10X widefield eyepiece with a 20-mm field diameter.

A ship that looks like the model that will become Colonial One in episodes of BSG2000 is seen docked at Caprica Bay (twice!) at 40:05 on the DVD.

Agent Duram tells Singh that the body of an unidentified female with head, hands, and feet removed was fished out of the Theoresos. The Theoresos is a river or other body of water about 200 kilometers from Caprica City. We (and the two GDD agents) know that the body is that of Mar-Beth Willow, killed by Clarice, after having been framed by Duram and outed by Singh.

Notes from the deleted scenes on the DVD

Daniel remarks on how blue Virgon is: the sky, the ocean, even the forest.

Memorable Dialog

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