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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Battlestar Galactica vs. Battlestar Galactica Part 4 "Battlestar Galactica vs. Battlestar Galactica" Part 4
Battlestar Galactica: BSG vs. BSG #4
Dynamite Entertainment
Writer: Peter David
Artist: Edu Menna
Colorist: Mohan
Letterer: Taylor Exposito
Colors by Natalia Marques

Cover D by Roberto Castro & Alex Guimaráes
Published: 2018


Things get confusing.


Didja Know?


Battlestar Galactica: BSG vs. BSG was a 6-issue mini-series published by Dynamite Entertainment in 2018. 


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue


BSG2000-Admiral Adama
BSG2000-Colonel Tigh
BSG70-Kali's mate (unnamed, mentioned only, deceased)
BSG2000-Number One
BSG2000-Number Eight
BSG70-Count Iblis
BSG2000-Dr. Cottle (mentioned only)
BSG2000-Head Six
BSG2000-President Roslin
BSG70-Commander Adama
BSG2000-Chief Tyrol
BSG70-Commander Cain
BSG70-Iollas (mentioned only)

Didja Notice? 


On page 5, I guess we are supposed to be seeing a Number One and a Number Eight walking through the corridors of the basestar. But Number One looks more like Admiral Adama without his glasses...and the two even appear to be wearing Colonial military uniforms for some reason! The corridors also look closer to those of the BSG2000-Galactica than the dark, nearly featureless corridors of the BSG2000-basestars.


On page 6, the splash page of Count Iblis looks less like actor Patrick Macnee than unrelated actor Ray Wise (known to PopApostle readers as Leland Palmer on Twin Peaks).
Ray Wise as Count Iblis


On pages 8 and 9, BSG70-Commander Adama looks like BSG2000-Admiral Adama.


On page 16, BSG70-Sheba goes to her father to talk to him, and his face and uniform are that of BSG70-Commander Adama instead! And they are onboard the BSG2000-Galactica instead of the BSG70-Pegasus!


Throughout the issue, characters and locales

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