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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
"The Leiter Side of Life"
Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck #3 (Maximum Press)
Story: Rob Liefeld and Robert Napton
Script: Robert Napton
Art: Hector Gomez
Cover: Hector Gomez

The prison camp becomes the center of battle between the Lunar 1 resistance and the Alliance.

Story Summary

The resistance attack on the prison camp begins and the prisoners begin their breakout. While this is happening, Blue Squadron arrives to rescue Starbuck at the same time that Commandant Leiter and a fleet of destroyers also arrive to destroy the prison to keep the Galactica or the Western Nationalists from gaining the prisoners and their information. Blue Squadron engages the destroyers.

During the melee, Starbuck has a showdown with prison commander Commandant Kresh, finally killing him. Meanwhile, all of the destroyers are destroyed themselves, except for Leiter's and he beats a retreat.

Joseph and Charlie are in touch with Terra and will be rescued from Lunar 1 in a few days when their ships arrive. Justine wishes Starbuck would stay behind to be with her, but he has his own duties, not to mention Cassiopeia, back at the fleet.

Upon arriving back at the Galactica, Starbuck is given a hero's welcome and is greeted by Cassie and Chameleon. Starbuck is kind of surprised to see Chameleon on the Galactica, but the old man makes the excuse that he'd come over to show him a new gambling system and just decided to wait around for Starbuck's inevitable rescue.


Didja Know?

I gave this issue the title of "The Leiter Side of Life" as a play on the attack of Commandant Leiter's destroyers against the resistance forces breaking out of the Alliance prison camp.

Didja Notice? 

In this issue, Charlie is depicted with partially gray hair which he didn't have in the previous two issues ("Lunar Won" and "Kresh Course").

Page 4, panel 1 mistakenly refers to "Labor One Prison Colony" instead of "Lunar One Prison Colony".

On page 15, Greenbean seems to have been surprised by the tail gun on Leiter's destroyer. But why should he have been? They fought off an attack by an armada of destroyers in "Lunar Won" and would presumably have come under fire from such tail guns during the battle. Not to mention the fact that Leiter's destroyer was previously in the Galactica's possession after the events of "Greetings from Earth" Part 2 and should have been examined thoroughly by experts at the time.

Finally returning to the Galactica, Starbuck is kind of surprised to see Chameleon aboard, but the old man makes the excuse that he'd come over to show him a new gambling system and just decided to wait around for Starbuck's inevitable rescue. Of course, he is continuing to hide the fact that he is really Starbuck's father, as revealed in "The Man With Nine Lives"

Unanswered Questions

What happened to the Borellian Nomen who escaped the Galactica to Lunar 7 aboard Leiter's destroyer in "Baltar's Escape"? We don't hear anything about them in this mini-series and it doesn't seem like the Alliance would be tolerant of beings so quasi-human in appearance as the Nomen. Two of the Nomen, Maga and Bora, inexplicably return in Die, Chameleon!, no mention of how they came to be returned to the fleet being made.

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