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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
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Battlestar Galactica: The Enemy Within (Part 3) "The Enemy Within" Part 3
Battlestar Galactica: The Enemy Within #3 (Maximum Press)
Story: Rob Liefeld, Greg Aronowitz, and Robert Napton
Script: Robert Napton
Art: Hector Gomez
February 1996

While Ares brings trouble within the fleet, the Cylons strike from without.

Didja Notice? 

Page 1 reveals that Dr. Wilker had been paralyzed in a Cylon attack 7 yahrens ago and later designed a fully mobile android body for himself, into the positronic brain of which he managed to transfer his essence.

Looking at the demolished temporal overdrive on the Galactica, Athena laments that it was second only to the main energizer as the heart and soul of the ship for the past 15 yahrens. In Colonial terms, an energizer is a power generator, as revealed with Siress Belloby's spare energizer to be traded for seed on the planet Sectar in "The Magnificent Warriors".

This issue depicts the Galactica's Vipers having the names of their pilots painted below the cockpit canopy.

On page 18, Starbuck thinks of a quote from his old flight instructor, "Always have a backup plan." Presumably this would be the same flight instructor, Lt. Wyler, who told him, "A viper pilot only flies three vipers...the one he trains in, the one he escapes from...and the one he dies in," in "Starbuck" Part 1.

The escape pod in which Starbuck jettisons himself and Ares out into space on page 22 appears to have the number 71 on it.

Starbuck is presumed dead when the escape pod is jettisoned into space and he is not seen at all in the next mini-series, Apollo's Journey. He is revealed to still be alive in "Journey's End" Part 1, having crash-landed on a desert planet.

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