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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
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Battlestar Galactica: The Enemy Within (Part 1) "The Enemy Within" Part 1
Battlestar Galactica: The Enemy Within #1 (Maximum Press)
Story: Rob Liefeld and Robert Napton
Script: Robert Napton
Art: Hector Gomez
November 1995

The humans discover a drifting ship of the lost 13th tribe.

Didja Notice? 

Commander Apollo's log informs us this story begins six sectons (weeks) since the discovery of Earth.

On page 1, some kind of pterosaur is seen flying in the background on Earth. Also, some small, bipedal dinosaurs (compys?) are seen behind Apollo.

On pages 4-7, Commander Cain pilots a two-seater Viper with his namesake grandson as the passenger. It would seem that it must be a Viper borrowed from the Galactica, since it has the same new-design look, but the Vipers later seen in use by the Pegasus in "Apollo's Journey" Part 3 are also the same. Of course, as we try to fit these stories from various publishers into PopApostle's BSG chronology, the Pegasus has already been acknowledged as destroyed in Resurrection, with the battlestar Daedalus tentatively taking its place as Cain's command, so it may have had a complement of the Scarlet Vipers in place from Adama's fleet before the separation.

On page 7, panel 4, we see that the asteroids through which the two Cains have been flying are actually the orbiting chunks of rock which make up Saturn's rings.

In this issue, we learn that techs from the Galactica have installed a temporal overdrive engine on the Pegasus.

Rigel appears on page 9, complete with her trademark braided ponytail. "The Enemy Within" Part 2 reveals that she is now a Lt. Colonel.

Doctors Salik and Wilker look quite a bit different here than the actors who portrayed them in the TV series. In fact, Dr. Wilker looks quite a bit younger, but that could be explained by the fact that he is later revealed to be a robotic replica (in "The Enemy Within" Part 2) designed by the original Wilker, so the body could have been designed to mimic the time when he was in his prime.

On page 16, Dr. Salik orders the nurse to begin a series of dolzon injections on the reviving Ares. This appears to be the first mention of a such a drug in the BSG universe.

The survivor found on the derelict introduces himself by the name of Ares. The name is better known to us as that of the Greek god of war, hinting at the being's true purpose here. On page 18, Sire Domra also says that Ares is the name of the god of war in Kobolian mythology.

Page 17 reveals that the name of the Kobolian ark that held Adam and Eve was Eden.

On pages 18 and 19, Ares is wearing a ring through his nose which he was not wearing when he was awakened, nor in any other scene after!

When Ares checks in with his Cylon compatriots via a small comm device, Lucifer tells him to proceed with the Omega Protocols. "Omega" is a Greek word meaning "last" or "ending".

On page 22, Lucifer reveals that the ship on which Ares was found is a genuine Kobolian craft discovered by the Cylons.

Notes from the BSG lettercol

In the lettercol of this issue, the editor remarks on Adama's death at the end of "War of Eden" Part 4: "But in science fiction death often is only a transitional thing!" And another editorial response to a letter in Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck #3 tells us: "The small marker Apollo is looking at in [Battlestar Galactica: The Enemy Within #1] marks a buried staircase which leads to a tomb. Though Adama would have been embarrassed by it, he was entombed much like a Lord of Kobol. And you know, it's said that mysterious things can happen in those tombs..." These editorial admissions suggest they had plans to bring Adama back in some form in a future storyline. However, it never did happen before Maximum Press ended their license deal for BSG with Universal.

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