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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
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Battlestar Galactica: Journey's End (Part 3) "Journey's End" Part 3
Battlestar Galactica: Journey's End #3 (Maximum Press)
Story: Rob Liefeld
Script: Robert Napton
Pencils: Ching Lau, Michael Chang, Richard Horie
Inks: Eric Cannon, Robert Lacko, Andy Owens
October 1996

Escaping from the tyranny of the future Eastern Empire, the Galactica is sent by the Seraphs to the time just before the destruction of the Twelve Colonies.

Didja Know?

Because Elias has transported the Galactica back in time to shortly before the holocaust of the Twelve Colonies, this issue takes place during what would have been the events of "Annihilation", the premiere episode of Battlestar Galactica.

Didja Notice? 

On page 1, as the Galactica is warped into the past of "Annihilation" by Elias, the crew is shown wearing their full uniforms again after having escaped slavery in the future time of the Eastern Empire. But, considering the battlestar had been in the possession of the Empire, it seems unlikely that their store of uniforms (and weapons, supplies, etc.) would still be on board.

On page 3, Rigel identifies the recognition signatures of the six battlestars travelling to Cimtar for the Cylon Armistice as Solaria, Columbia, Atlantia, Pacifica, Acropolis, and Galactica. According to dialog in "Annihilation" and other episodes, while the last five are correct, the sixth was Triton, not Solaria (though Solaria is mentioned in the novelization of that episode).

For some reason, throughout this issue and the next, the past versions of Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh are shown wearing red medallions at their throats on their blue command uniforms. In the televised episodes, Tigh was never depicted wearing a medallion and Adama wore a silver one, not red.

On page 5, the past-Athena pilots a shuttle carrying her father to the Atlantia. In "Annihilation" we saw that she was indeed his pilot (as they return to the Galactica from the Atlantia in a brief scene).

On page 7, panel 2, Commander Cain says, "Why we're wasting time talking, Cylon base ships are moving toward the Colonies." Obviously, the "why" should be "while".

On page 8, panel 3, someone on the Atlantia authorizes Apollo and Tigh's shuttle to land, saying, "Your authorized to land, Captain." The "your" in the sentence should be "you're".

On page 9, panel 1, we revisit the chambers of the Council of Twelve on board the Atlantia during the early scenes of "Annihilation". The setting and costuming drawn here do not particularly match those of the televised episode. President Adar's speech in panels 1 and 2, on the other hand, is word-for-word.

The dialog between the past-Apollo and Zac as they launch on patrol on page 10 is almost the same as that heard in "Annihilation".

On page 12, the Cylon Control Unit that was installed on the Galactica by the Eastern Empire in the future in "Journey's End" Part 2 (referred to as Unit 5560 by Commander Apollo) appears to have the head of an old school Cylon, with a narrow eye-slit, instead of the broader eye-slit seen on the future Cylons. In the rest of the issue, Unit 5560 is drawn with the future-style, as it should be.

Much of the dialog on pages 16-19 is similar to that used in "Annihilation", with modifications for the plot changes that have occurred due to future-Apollo's intervention. 

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