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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
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Battlestar Galactica: Enemy Within Battlestar Galactica
"Enemy Within"
Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack (Grandreams)
Author Unknown
Artist Unknown

The Galactica receives a communication from a lone Cylon Raider, with two centurions claiming they wish asylum with the human fleet.

Story Summary

The Galactica receives a communication from a lone Cylon Raider, with two centurions claiming they wish asylum with the human fleet in exchange for a computer-log of all the Imperious Leader's ships, crews, positions, and current assignments. Commander Adama decides to take a chance and, with precautions, brings the two centurions on board. Strangely, only one centurion does the talking and provides the Cylon computer-log.

While Starbuck is instructed to hold the Cylons in a safe area, Adama and Apollo take the log to be decoded before a programmer named Eris who discovers it is nothing but gobbledygook. With this, Adama suddenly comes to a realization and orders Starbuck to get the two Cylons off the ship immediately; the silent Cylon is really nothing but a robotic bomb! Seconds later, an explosion is felt within the ship, but no real damage is incurred. Starbuck had chosen the waste-disposal chamber as the "safest" place to keep them and was able to jettison them immediately upon Adama's word.


Didja Know?

This story appeared in the British book Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack, a book of short stories and articles all about BSG, geared towards kids. The title of the book is derived from a 1979 theatrical release in Europe which combined the episodes "The Living Legend" Parts 1 and 2 and "Fire in Space" into one movie.

The title of this story is not to be confused with the name of the 3-issue Maximum Press BSG mini-series The Enemy Within.

Notes from the BSG Chronology

Commander Adama's dialog on pages 1-2, about having a chance to finally break through the Cylons' net into a free quadrant of the galaxy, suggests it takes place fairly early in the fleet's journey, possibly shortly after the events of the "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero" Part 2.

Didja Notice?

The description of the Cylon computer-log on page 5 of the story is that it is small and cassette-like. But the illustration of Adama holding it has it the size of a hardcover book!

It's hard to believe that Commander Adama would fall for the Cylons' trick so easily.

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