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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
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Battlestar Galactica: Dreams of the Thirteenth (Part 1) "Dreams of the Thirteenth" Part 1
Battlestar Galactica #7 (Dynamite)
Written by Dan Abnett
Illustrated by Dietrich O. Smith
Cover by Colton Worley

Members of the fleet begin having dreams of a shining blue planet.

Story Summary

As the fleet cautiously feels its way through the quantum storm, many members of the fleet begin having dreams of a shining blue planet they believe to be Earth. And they believe the planet lies within the storm zone. A debate begins as to whether the dreams are dangerous and whether the fleet should turn back. But Commander Adama reveals he is also having the dreams and believes the fleet should press on and search for Earth in the storm zone.


Notes from the BSG Chronology

As the story opens, the fleet is continuing to fly through the quantum storm it entered in "Red Shift".

Didja Notice?  

The character of Xam was introduced in "Red Shift", but there he had a full head of hair and a mustache. Here, he is mostly bald and has a full beard. And in issues following this one, he's back to hair and mustache!

On page 6, Colonel Tigh reports that the Ariadna is still ailing and falling behind the rest of the fleet, but he wants to keep nursing her along. The Ariadna was introduced in "Red Shift".

Commander Adama remarks that the fleet has had problems with energon overcharge and void-lightning since entering the quantum storm. This also occurred to the Vipers that scouted the storm in "Red Shift".

On page 12, Xam remarks that he can strip down the tylium energizer on a Starhound in six minutes. Shouldn't Xam have said "centons" instead of "minutes"? Starhound was the term used to describe the type of Vipers carried by battlestars in the book preview given in the first edition of the novelization of the 3-hour pilot episode of the TV series.

On page 15, panel 1, the Galactica nameplate is missing from the exterior of the launch bay.

In panel 2 of page 15, a danger emblem not normally seen on Vipers is depicted just below the canopy sealing of Starbuck's Viper.

This issue reveals that the Viper pilot introduced in "Red Shift" as Hightail is also known by the nickname 'Tailstar. 

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