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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Battlestar Galactica: Daddy's Girl "Daddy's Girl"
Galactica: The New Millennium #1 (Realm Press)
Script: Jim Kuhoric
Art: Santiago (with title card by Robert Scott)

Sheba, the daughter of the legendary Commander Cain of the battlestar Pegasus, is shot down over a dangerous world.

Story Summary

Some time before the destruction of the Fifth Fleet, Commander Cain's daughter, Sheba, illicitly assigns herself to her first excursion into Viper combat. She is shot down by the enemy, but manages to walk away from a crash landing on a nearby planet. Finding even her laser pistol useless, she is forced to flee when ape-like predators attack her.

After a series of narrow escapes, she is left in blood-splattered shock, having killed the final few predators with a makeshift stone dagger in a cave, where she is found by a Pegasus search party led by her father.

Sheba has begun a career in which she will prove herself to be every bit her father's daughter.

Notes from the BSG Chronology

This story takes place some time before the loss of the Fifth Fleet headed by Commander Cain of the Pegasus and, therefore, before the destruction of the Colonies.

Didja Know?

This story was chapter one of what was intended to be a series of stories called Tales of the Pegasus that would have appeared in future issues of Galactica: The New Millennium if there had been any. Unfortunately, Realm Press closed up shop shortly after this issue was published.

Didja Notice?  

The shield logo graphic in the top left corner of the title banner on page 1 is the logo of the Pegasus.
  Shield logo on bridge of Pegasus (from "The Living Legend" Part 1) Pegasus shield logo graphic

Why is Sheba's laser pistol not working after the crash landing? It does not have obvious damage. Did she forget to charge it? Was it a weapon stowed in the Viper for emergencies and had not been recently maintenanced?

Page 9 implies that Sheba's Viper excursion was her first in combat. 

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