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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
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Battlestar Galactica: Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair "Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair"
Battlestar Galactica #22 (Marvel)
Story and art by Walt Simonson
Inks by Klaus Janson
December 1980

Jolly’s undercover mission takes him in pursuit of the food pirates plaguing the fleet.

Story Summary

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Didja Notice? 

This issue reveals the name of the ship Jolly is on for his undercover mission as the C.F.C. Burnham. It is not revealed what C.F.C. stands for. Possibly the letters represent the name of the company that operated the old freighter back in the Colonies, similar to the full name of T.S.S. Rising Star (T.S.S. most likely stands for Trans-Stellar Services, as discussed in the study of "Exodus").

As the fleet finishes loading its stores with the fruit paste processed on Jungleworld, Colonel Tigh reports to Commander Adama that they've now got enough food to feed the fleet for years. This seems to go against the fleet's plight in the chronologically later TV episode "The Magnificent Warriors", when the fleet is left in urgent need of new seed stock after the Cylons destroy two of the three agro ships. Perhaps it is simply that the fruit paste, despite its high nutritional content (as revealed in "Ape and Essence"), is not a complete enough nutritional source to satisfy all of the human body's demands.

Page 7 reveals a section of the Galactica called the Wall, a gigantic chamber manned by technicians who monitor space for indications of approaching enemies, pulsars, life-bearing worlds, etc.

On page 10, Commander Adama has a brief discussion with a fellow councilmember named Illya. The name is similar to that of Adama's dead wife, Ilya (spelled "Ila" in issue #15, "Derelict").

Page 16 introduces Athena as a teacher, as later depicted in the episode "Greetings from Earth". Here, she reveals that school is starting today on the Potamkin. (In "Greetings from Earth", her class appears to be held on the Galactica.)

On board the shuttle on page 19, Cassiopeia is startled to see a small pod shoot by and has to be told by Starbuck that it's just a freight drone, one of many all through the fleet that haul supplies from ship to ship. As a viper pilot cadet (as depicted in "Ape and Essence"), shouldn't she be aware of pretty much every type of ship in the fleet so she doesn't shoot at the wrong thing in a combat situation?

On page 21, Cassie mentions that she used to be a party girl and knew all the millionaires. This is probably a reference to her days as a socialator in the Colonies.

On page 27, Ligea uses di-phalamine lip gloss to knock out one of the guards in the Burnham's incarceration section. Di-phalamine does not appear to be a real world chemical substance.

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