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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Battlestar Galactica: Behind Enemy Lines "Behind Enemy Lines"
Classic Battlestar Galactica #2 (Dynamite)
Written by Rick Remender
Art by Carlos Rafael
Cover by Dave Dorman

Starbuck is aided by a ragtag band of human survivors on Maytoria.

Story Summary

The squad that has saved Starbuck from the Cylons turns out to be a ragtag band of humans who have survived the assault on Maytoria. They take him to their makeshift stronghold in a blasted up trade center building. Upon arrival, he finds that they have rescued the injured Boomer as well.

Back at the fleet, Apollo, remorseful for having had to leave Starbuck and Boomer behind, gets some face time with Serina.

On Maytoria, the surviving humans learn from our two pilots about the sad state of the Colonies and the fleet. They decide to steal a Cylon cargo ship to escape the planet and attempt to catch up to the departing fleet. Just then, the Cylons suddenly attack the hidden stronghold. Temporarily fighting off the Cylons and escaping into the bowels of the building, the survivors are shocked to find that Boomer has a miniature Cylon tracker planted on his jacket.


Didja Know? 

I chose "Behind Enemy Lines" as the title myself, since Starbuck and Boomer are trapped on what is now a Cylon-occupied planet.

Didja Notice?

The cover of this issue has an Aztec type of theme to it, but there are no Aztec flavorings within the story.

Page 2 reveals that virtually all parts of a Cylon's armor have tracking systems embedded, so even a piece can be tracked.

Page 3, panel 2 shows that the Maytorian survivors have rigged up a door at the entrance to the old trade center. The two doors look as if they may be the wings of viper craft (though they seem to be a bit larger than typical viper wings should be).

On page 4, Stadra's father says "felder garb" instead of the actual epithet "felgercarb". Rather than a mistake though, it may have been an intentional character bit by writer Rick Remender.

On page 9, Stadra asks, "How many battlestars do we have left, six--seven?" If she believes there could have been that many left she must have thought there were more than that before the ambush at the armistice. As far as I know there are no confirmed sources of how many battlestars existed before the Cylon attack at the armistice. There appeared to be five present in "Annihilation". Some sources say there were six at the time or even as many as 12.

On page 10, Apollo says they have a lot of "top dog fighter pilots" on the Galactica. Shouldn't that be "top daggit"?

On page 11, Apollo is discussing his days in the Academy, when he was feared lost during a training exercise until he was found "in the dessert". Uh, I think he means "desert"! Dessert is what you have after dinner (because two S's are sweeter than one, y'know).

On page 12, Apollo tells Serina he's afraid that if he mourns everyone he's lost he might never recover. This may have been partially intended by the writer as a retroactive foreshadowing of Serina's impending death in "A Death in the Family".

The Sagittarians in this story seem to have dual (first and last) names. Is this unique to Sagittarians? Most of the humans in BSG70 seem to have just one name. 

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