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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Battlestar Galactica: Apollo's Journey (Part 2) "Apollo's Journey" Part 2
Battlestar Galactica: Apollo's Journey #2 (Maximum Press)
Story: Richard Hatch
Art: Hector Gomez
June 1996

Apollo flees just as the Nomen take control of the Galactica.

Didja Notice? 

On page 1, panel 1, Apollo flies past Saturn.

Page 3 reveals that the three Borellian Nomen Maga, Bora, and Taba were recaptured near the lunar moons of the planet Terra in an unchronicled tale. It is also revealed that the Nomen's laser bolas were taken and destroyed by fleet security at that time, forcing them to now use plasma rifles.

When the Borellians take over the bridge of the Galactica, Adam manages to escape from the battlestar in a Viper, with the injured Commander Cain in the passenger seat. But he apparently took the time to dress Cain in his Warrior's uniform, the same blood-stained one he was brought into the Life Center wearing after being shot by Apollo in "Apollo's Journey" Part 1, despite having been stripped of his clothing for surgery under the laser scalpel of Dr. Salik.

On page 8, Commander Cain tells Sheba to have Colonel Tolen execute attack pattern Cain Omega. In the Richard Hatch novels, Tolen was seemingly serving in some other capacity than the position of Executive Officer he held in the 2-part "The Living Legend", having been replaced by Colonel Tacitus. It could be argued that Tolen simply regained favor after Tacitus was presumably killed in the destruction of the Pegasus in Resurrection.

On page 9, Iblis' dialog balloons appear to be covering up panel 3 of the page so we can't see what was depicted in it!

On page 10, Apollo's teenage son, Cain, and Muffit, make a move to stop the Nomen by activating the intruder control system's paralysis gas. Possibly Muffit was assigned as Cain's pet when he was little, after Boxey went into the Colonial Service.

On page 10, young Cain knocks out an unidentified Noman with a single club to the head by his staff. Judging from the hardiness of the Nomen as depicted in the Hatch novels, it seems unlikely that a single clout to the head would render one unconscious.

On page 11, panel 2, one of the escaped prisoners from the Earthbound New Eden City prison facility appears to have a barcode type of mark on the back of his bald head. Did the Colonial authorities of the fleet, or New Eden City, barcode the prisoners for identification? Strangely, only the one escapee appears to have the barcode, though all of the escapees depicted have entirely or almost-entirely bald heads. And why do the Nomen, who were still incarcerated on the prison barge in orbit before their escape rather than in the Earth facility, still have all their hair? Is it in deference to a Nomen custom? A difference in the rules between the fleet and New Eden City?

On page 13, Baltar's baseship, the Hades, appears to be orbiting Earth, or, at least, a planet with oceans and continents. Lucifer remarks that they've been ordered by the Imperious Leader to remain "here", in close proximity to Earth, until the rest of the Cylon fleet arrives. Is the Hades hiding on the opposite side of the Earth from the Colonial fleet? Or orbiting an Earth-like planet in a neighboring system?

Also on page 13, Lucifer tells Baltar that the lead baseship of the attack fleet is commanded by Spectre Mark VIII. A presumably earlier Spectre IL model was last seen in "A Destiny Among the Stars".

    The group of Nomen who have taken control of the Galactica bridge seems to be made up of just Maga, Bora, and Taba. And then young Cain knocks out one of them near Intruder Control, leaving only two. Yet, not only three, but apparently four, are seen holding the President and Council hostage on the last page of the issue! Possibly the fourth Nomen is simply an error by the artist.
   In "Apollo's Journey" Part 3, the Nomen are back to three members on the bridge, so the third Nomen who was knocked out by young Cain earlier must have regained consciousness and returned to the bridge.

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