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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
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Battlestar Galactica: Apollo's Journey (Part 1) "Apollo's Journey" Part 1
Battlestar Galactica: Apollo's Journey #1 (Maximum Press)
Story: Richard Hatch
Art: Hector Gomez
April 1996

Iblis strikes a deal with the Borellian Nomen and exerts his evil influence over Apollo.

Didja Know?

This 3-part mini-series was written by Richard Hatch, who went on to fame as the first winner of the reality TV series Survivor.

Just kidding, this Richard Hatch is the one who starred as Apollo in the original BSG TV series.

Didja Notice? 

Page 1 reveals that all Cylon baseships have now been equipped with the same type of warp drive provided to Baltar's baseship the Hades by Count Iblis (in "War of Eden" Part 3).

This issue introduces us to the Earth Council, the newly-formed replacement for the Council of the Twelve. 

The prison barge seen on page 3 looks nothing like the one seen in the TV series. But it's not unreasonable to assume that the fleet moved their prisoners to a different ship for any number of reasons at some point during their 20-year voyage.
Prison barge in this issue Prison barge in TV series
Prison barge in this issue Prison barge in TV series

On page 3, Count Iblis appears before the Borellian Nomen Maga, Bora, and Taba on the prison barge. These are the same Nomen who appeared in "The Man With Nine Lives" and "Baltar's Escape". Iblis worked with a different set of Nomen in Armageddon, but they betrayed him.

On page 4, Maga accuses Iblis of speaking "with the tongue of the scorpius." This would seem to be a phrase similar to our own "speaking with a forked tongue", a reference to the forked tongue of many reptiles here on Earth. But "scorpius" (a term which was also used by Maga in "The Man With Nine Lives") would seem to be a word inspired by our own arachnid "scorpion", which does not have a forked tongue.

Also on page 4, Iblis suggests that the Imperious Leader would like the Nomen to be the ruling masters of any surviving humans after the planned Cylon attack on the settlement on Earth and the fleet.

On page 5, Apollo gazes at a photo of Serina and wishes he could hold her again. Later in the issue, she does present herself to him in a vision. In Resurrection, Apollo also met Serina as the Being of Light called Talen.

In his vision, Serina presses a medallion to Apollo's forehead which she says can awaken his Kobolian mental powers. We don't get a good look at the design on the medallion, but it is presumably the same one Apollo retrieves from Adam's ark and uses against Count Iblis in "Apollo's Journey" Part 3.

On page 7, President Tigh states that he's known Apollo since he was born.

Bojay appears for the first time in the Maximum Press issues on page 11.

On page 12 a coloring mistake gives Boomer Caucasian skin color.

On page 15, Apollo and Serina refer to Kobol as the homeworld of humanity. In Armageddon, Commander Adama revealed that the actual, ancient homeworld of humanity was a planet called Parnassus.

Also on page 15, Serina tells Apollo that Iblis fears him as he feared Adama, because of the power of the mind that runs in the Adama bloodline. This is very similar to what Apollo learns from his father over the years of the fleet's journey across the stars, as revealed in Armageddon. For the sake of the continuity of our BSG chronology on PopApostle, the reader must pretend Apollo already knew what Serina tells him here.

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