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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Battlestar Galactica: All Things Past and Present "All Things Past and Present"
Battlestar Galactica #7 (Marvel)
Written by Roger Mckenzie
Art by Rich Buckler and Klaus Janson
September 1979

With Adama inside the memory machine, Sire Uri makes his move.

Story Summary

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Didja Notice?

The man who was previously referred to as Dr. Spang in issues 4-6 of the comic book is now identified as Dr. Wilker, even though he does not look much like the Wilker who appears in the TV episodes. (Dr. Spang, however, does not disappear after this...he appears again in issue #9 "Space Mimic", with a new look!).

During the opening memory sequence, Adama and Baltar duel in an Academy arena, each armed with two swords, one of which looks similar to a Star Wars lightsaber!

Page 1 reveals that the above duel took place 25 yahrens ago, at the Academy. Considering that the Tombs of Kobol novelization suggests that Adama is over 100 yahrens old, it seems unlikely that he was a mere cadet just 25 yahrens earlier. But then, the narrative does not actually say that Adama is a cadet at the time, just that Baltar is. Perhaps Adama is already an officer in this flashback and is involved in instructing the younger Baltar? After all, Adama is depicted white-haired even in this "times past" sequence. (Though the novelization of "The Living Legend" two-parter reveals that Adama's hair had turned prematurely white "many years ago", so he may have had white hair, making him look older, even as a cadet.)

Baltar's alleged tampering with the bio-swords' controls goes hand-in-hand with his tampering of a test computer that results in his expulsion from the Academy, as mentioned in the Tombs of Kobol novelization. Perhaps this is the actual incident that brought about that expulsion?

Page 6 implies that, as newly elected President of the Council of Twelve, Sire Uri is now also in command of the Galactica.

Page 15 is the first mention (chronologically) of the prison barge in the fleet.

Page 15 implies there is only one agro ship in the fleet, but at this point in time, there are still three of them. Two will later be destroyed by the Cylons in "The Magnificent Warriors". One possible explanation is that the two unidentified ships that went missing earlier in "The Memory Machine" were, in fact, the other two agro ships, even though the ship type goes unmentioned. Another possibility is that the fleet started out with just one agro ship but, in an unseen story, they came across two more agro ships sometime before the events of "The Magnificent Warriors".

The missing agro ship here now brings the fleet down to 217 ships (from 218 in "The Memory Machine").

On the last page of the story, it suddenly appears that Athena (or someone who looks like her) has showed up, even though she's supposed to be out searching for the missing ships with Starbuck and Boomer. 

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