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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
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Battlestar Galactica: A World for the Killing "A World for the Killing"
Battlestar Galactica #21 (Marvel)
Written by Steven Grant and Walt Simonson
Pencils by Brent Anderson
Inks by Klaus Janson
November 1980

Athena is captured by a lonely alien; Jolly undertakes an undercover assignment within the fleet.

Story Summary

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Didja Notice? 

On page 6, panel 2, Athena, having run low on fuel and landed on the mysterious planet, decides to leave her helmet on as she explores even though her ship's instruments say the air is breathable. This may support the contention in the article in Battlestar Galactica Official Poster Magazine #2 from 1978 (as discussed in the study of "Annihilation") that suggests that the lights of the helmets are the emitters of a personal force field that help protect the pilot's air supply.

On page 6, panel 5, Athena sees a strange creature on the planet and thinks, "Thank the Council it didn't see me!" This is the first time the Council has been invoked as if it were a secular metaphysical power.

On page 8, panel 3, Athena sees what she describes as a perfect replica of her family's old dining room on Caprica.
Adama's family dining room

On page 10, the undercover Jolly ejects from a Colonial shuttle on what he refers to as a bubble-baby, a small, one-man pod. This vehicle has not been seen before or since in BSG.
Bubble-baby pod

Page 14 is the first appearance of Ligea (later revealed to be Sire Uri's former girlfriend, Medea, from earlier issues of the comic) who goes on to help Jolly in his mission and even becomes his lover.

Also on page 14, Jolly reveals his undercover name as Silenus.

The shape-changer, Res, tells Athena that he has read her thoughts and taken on the form of her perfect lover. It's interesting to note that he appears to have silvery hair, like her father, perhaps meant to suggest that she subconsciously adheres to the old adage that a woman seeks a man who reminds her of her father.

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