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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Battlestar Galactica: Visitation

Battlestar Galactica


Echoes of New Caprica GN


Story by Mike Wellman

Art by Anthony Wu

April 2009


Starbuck encounters Kacey, now living in squalor with her mother in one of the fleet’s many shantytowns.


Story Summary


Starbuck, still damaged by her incarceration and manipulation by Leoben on New Caprica, encounters little Kacey Brynn in the refugee shantytown called Dogsville in the starboard hangar of Galactica. Feeling her mother is not taking proper care of her, Starbuck kidnaps the child, intending to raise her in the quarters she shares with Sam. She is reluctantly forced by everyone around her to recognize that she is not in a position to be a mother and is needed as the best pilot the fleet has against the Cylons. She angrily breaks off all ties with the girl and her mother.




Didja Know?


"Visitation" is one of three stories appearing in the Battlestar Galactica manga graphic novel Echoes of New Caprica published by TokyoPop. "Visitation" covers pages 116-171 of the graphic novel.


This story does not fit well in between episodes of the series. It basically takes place in segments concurrent with the events of "Torn", though with some alteration of common scenes between the two.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode



Leoben Conoy (in Prologue retelling and dream only)

Kacey Brynn

Julia Brynn

Sam Anders



Admiral Adama

Colonel Tigh (mentioned only)

Chief Tyrol (mentioned only)

Cally (mentioned only)


Didja Notice?


The "Prologue..." page at the beginning of the story tells of Starbuck's ovaries being farmed by the Cylons when she returned to Caprica and of her later incarceration in an apartment as the forced companion of Leoben and his deception of introducing Kacey as their daughter. These events occurred in "The Farm" and "Exodus" Parts 1 and 2.


On page 125, one of Starbuck's Viper pilots refers to her as "lieutenant". But she has been a captain since "Resurrection Ship" Part 1.


On page 128, one of Starbuck's Viper pilots reports that Cylon fire has destroyed her FTLs. But, Vipers do not have FTL drives in the first place.


Page 129 reveals that the starboard hangar of Galactica, which had been largely unused due to having been converted into a museum due to the battlestar's retirement shortly before "Humanity's Children", has now been converted to house refugees from the exodus from New Caprica. On page 130, Admiral Adama relates there are 800 people living there.


On page 134, a refugee asks Starbuck for fumarello. This was a Colonial word for "cigar" in BSG70, used for the first time in BSG2000 here (though the fumarella leaf, seemingly an analog to tobacco, is said to grow on Caprica in "Water").


On page 135, one of the refugees tells Starbuck the hangar's shantytown is largely known as Dogsville or Camp Oil Slick.


Page 142 implies that Julia Brynn has been forced to engage in sex acts to get enough food for Kacey in Dogsville.


On page 155, "Cally" is misspelled "Callie".


Several times in this story, Starbuck and Sam speak as if Sam is in training to become a Viper pilot. But this does not occur until after Starbuck's "death" in "Maelstrom" much later.


On page 162, a Cylon Raider targeted by Starbuck is seen to have the "face" of the antebellum-style Centurions (as seen in the first season and most of second season episodes) instead of the "face" of the modern Centurions seen throughout BSG2000. If the Cylons updated their Raider fleet relatively recently in the timeline (as it seems they have) then it is logical to assume that some of the older-style Raiders are still in service as well.


On page 165, Apollo tells Starbuck that more than half the fleet is living in shantytown conditions.


On page 166, Julia tells Starbuck that Kacey has named her doll after her. It's not clear if that name is Kara or Starbuck.


On page 170, it is revealed that Kacey's father was aboard the Olympic Carrier when it was destroyed. This occurred in "33".

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