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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Battlestar Galactica: Unfinished Business

Battlestar Galactica

"Unfinished Business"

TV episode

Written by Michael Taylor

Directed by Richard Young

Original air date: December 1, 2006


A rank-free boxing tournament on the Galactica brings some grudges out into the open.


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Didja Know?


The study of this episode is based on the extended version that can be found on the on the Season Three Blu-ray set. This extended version runs about 1 hour and ten minutes, having many additional scenes and with some previously-existing scenes rearranged. In Ron Moore's audio commentary for the extended episode, he indicates it was put on the disc for the fans to see an example of how all-or-most of the footage shot for an episode might initially come together in editing and what the editor works with as they pare it down to broadcast episode length (around 43:00 per episode). Moore states that this extended version is meant to suggest that the producers were dissatisfied with the aired episode.


The opening titles show the fleet population at 41,422, up one from "Hero". The reason for this uptick is not revealed; presumably, a new birth occurred in the fleet.


In this extended version of the episode, Anders is said to reside on the Salpica in the fleet (later transferred to the Galactica to be with his wife).


Composer Bear McCreary composed a new score for this extended version of the episode on video. 


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode





Admiral Adama

Sam Anders


Colonel Tigh


Doctor Cottle

Chief Tyrol


Coran Dix (Spank)

Sgt. Omar Fischer (Tiny)

Hot Dog


President Roslin

Baltar (in flashback only)

Lt. Gaeta

Duck (in flashback only, deceased)

Jammer (in flashback only, deceased)

Ellen Tigh (in flashback only, deceased)


Zak (mentioned only, deceased)

Specialist Anthony Figurski

Juan Calvin (mentioned only, presumably deceased)



Didja Notice?


The boxing tournament is referred to as "the dance" by the Galactica's personnel, possibly a thin way of avoiding military rules about fighting between officers and subordinates.

   On the blackboard of fighters at the boxing tournament are seen the names Coran Dix (Spank) and Sgt. Omar Fischer (Tiny). Fischer previously appeared in "Scattered". Dix's name shows up on the pilot board in the following episode, "The Passage", but with the callsign "Chopper" instead.

    Hot Dog's and Kat's names are also on the board.


In the flashback at 12:21 on the Blu-ray, Dee calls Apollo "Commander"; at the time of the flashback, Apollo was commander of Pegasus. In the "current" time of this episode, he is a major again after the destruction of that battlestar.


The day of official groundbreaking on New Caprica was called Founders' Day. It is indicated that it takes place 8 months before the Cylon occupation of the new colony. This makes the timeline a bit odd, as Callie would have to have been pregnant for 10 months or more to account for the time she learned she was pregnant in the fleet to when she gave birth on New Caprica during the Cylon occupation. 


At 19:49 on the Blu-ray, picture boards behind Baltar at the groundbreaking ceremony seem to show a street and building plan for the new city and a picture of the proposed city hall building.
New Caprica city plan New Caprica city hall
New Caprica city plan New Caprica city hall
New Caprica city hall
New Caprica city hall  


    At 25:30 on the Blu-ray, Admiral Adama and President Roslin appear to be smoking something similar to marijuana joints at the Founder's Day celebration! Notice they both hide their joints behind their backs while Gaeta is talking to them and bring them out after he leaves. I'm not sure why they should hide it though...the prequel series Caprica shows that drug use is generally legal on Caprica and perhaps throughout the Twelve Colonies.

    Roslin tells Adama that the stuff grows up in the mountains north of New Caprica City, near a stream that runs into a lake.


 President Roslin remarks that she's thinking of building a cabin in the mountains by the lake. Adama will later plan a cabin for the two of them on New Earth in "Daylight" Part 2.

Adama sings part of a song he learned during the first Cylon War to Roslin, "Ever seen a little light before the dawn of the light. Got a woman by a stream. Gonna show her all my dreams."


Admiral Adama challenges Chief Tyrol in the ring, seemingly to show him he needs to buckle down and get back to a military way of life, as opposed to the life he and Callie had on New Caprica. But I have to wonder if part of Adama's challenge was to impress Laura Roslin after she revealed that her father was an avid fight fan and she adored her father, making her a fight fan, too.


When Tyrol gets into the ring, he is still wearing his dog tags. But after Adama hits him and he falls, the tags are suddenly gone!


At 49:08 on the Blu-ray, as Admiral Adama is in his corner of the ring during a break between rounds in his fight with Tyrol, Roslin says, "Coagulant for the swelling, ice for the bleeding," but it should be the other way around!


Starbuck is seen to have a ziggurat-type tattoo on her left shoulder from this episode onwards. The new character tattoo covers up a new tattoo that actress Katee Sackhoff received of a crucifix, which would not fit in well with the BSG universe.


Memorable Dialog

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