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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Battlestar Galactica: The Son Also Sets

Battlestar Galactica

"The Son Also Rises"

TV episode

Written by Michael Angeli

Directed by Robert Young

Original air date: March 11, 2007


Apollo finds himself in the unenviable position of acting as security for Baltar’s attorney.


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Notes from the BSG chronology


Apollo remarks to his father that it has been two weeks since Starbuck died (in "Maelstrom").


Didja Know?


The title of this episode is a play on the title of the classic 1926 Ernest Hemingway novel The Sun Also Rises.


The opening titles show the fleet population at 41,399, down one from the previous episode "Maelstrom", seemingly to account for the death of Starbuck in that episode, though in the teaser of our current episode, Baltar's attorney, Alan Hughes, also dies before we see the population total shown here, which would make the fleet population 41,398.


Starting with this episode, Katee Sackhoff's name is not listed in the opening titles for the rest of the season due to the death of her character, Starbuck, in the previous episode.


Writer Michael Angeli has stated the first name of Romo Lampkin's character was created by taking the first two letters of the first name and the first two letters of the last name of executive producer Ronald Moore. 


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode


Admiral Adama

President Roslin

Tory Foster

Captain Elias Meeker (mentioned only)

Starbuck (mentioned only, deceased)

Sergeant Mike Gibbons (mentioned only, presumed deceased)

Commander James Jonasson (mentioned only, presumed deceased)

Commander Myron Ruth (mentioned only, presumed deceased)

Sam Anders


Specialist Figurski



Colonel Tigh

Lt. Gaeta


Alan Hughes (dies in this episode)



Playa Palacios

reporter (unnamed)

Karen Fallbrook


Hot Dog


Romo Lampkin

Billy Keikeya (in photo only, deceased)

Lance (Lampkin's cat)

Faye (Lampkin's wife, mentioned only, not named until "Sine Qua Non")

Prosecutor Cassidy (mentioned only)

Joseph Adama (mentioned only, deceased)

Caprica Six

Captain Kelly

Chief Tyrol

Marine Henry Cheadle (presumably dies in this episode)

Marine Allan Nowart



Didja Notice?


Captain Elias Meeker, commander of the Gideon is randomly chosen as one of the judges for the trial of Baltar. He is not seen until "Crossroads" Part 1. The Gideon was previously seen in "Resistance".



    At 2:11 on the Blu-ray, a commendation for valor and bravery for Starbuck during action at Hill ER5, also known as Blue Mountain Retreat is seen. Since her rank is shown as captain on the commendation, it must have been during her rescue of Anders and the others in "Lay Down Your Burdens" Parts 1 and 2.

   Seconds later, a disciplinary notice for her is seen. Her rank is shown as lieutenant a couple of times and corporal another time, all for the same incident!

    A second disciplinary notice from when she was a private is also seen. It shows the disciplinary request was initiated by Sergeant Mike Gibbons and regards her failure to display respect to superior officers.

    Another document, a Colonial Forces Record of Disciplinary Proceedings shows she served aboard the battlestar Triton while she was a junior lieutenant under Commander James Jonasson. She went through a court martial proceeding against her made by Commander Myron Ruth. The names are references to Jamie Jonasson and Myron Ruth, set decorators on the series.


At 11:21 on the Blu-ray, notice that the book President Roslin gave Admiral Adama in "A Day in the Life", Blood Runs at Midnight, is sitting on his desk with a bookmark about 1/3 of the way through it.


Helo becomes CAG in this episode when Adama assigns Apollo to be security for Baltar's new attorney, Romo Lampkin.


At 13:30 on the Blu-ray, Lampkin shows Apollo a copy of the book Law & Mind: The Psychology of Legal Practice by Joseph Adama. Joseph Adama was Apollo's grandfather and one of the main characters of Caprica.


At 21:08 on the Blu-ray, Adama remarks to Apollo that Baltar's trial begins in two weeks.


At the start of Lampkin's interview with Caprica Six about Baltar, Six remarks, "In the time I've known him, he's made a sport out of mendacity and deception. He was narcissistic, self-centered, vain. I'm the one who should have stabbed him." She is referring to Baltar being stabbed in the neck with a pen by Lt. Gaeta in "Taking a Break from All Your Worries".


Marine Cheadle realizes there may be a bomb set to go off on Lampkin's door and pulls the man away, while the explosion downs Cheadle instead. It's not explicitly stated, but it seems that Cheadle was likely killed in the explosion.


When Apollo challenges his father on being a judge in the trial, Adama retorts, " the four other men picked, I'm capable of listening to the evidence and making an ethical decision." He says "men", but one of the four other judges picked is a woman, not a man, as will be seen in "Crossroads" Part 1.


At 40:37 on the Blu-ray, the model sailing ship Adama was working on and partly broke apart in "Maelstrom" is seen on a shelf in his quarters.


At 41:50 on the Blu-ray, Apollo pins Starbuck's picture up next to Kat's on the memorial wall, just as Starbuck had requested of him should she die before he in "Maelstrom".


Memorable Dialog

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