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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
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Battlestar Galactica: The Human Race

"The Human Race"

Battlestar Galactica #6 (Dynamite)

Writer: Greg Pak

Art: Nigel Raynor

Colors: David Curiel

Letters: Simon Bowland

Cover B: Stjepan Sejic



The "Captain Valerii" Sharon duplicate arrives at the fleet with a pirate horde.


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Didja Know?


The issues of this series were untitled. I assigned the title "The Human Race" in reference to President Roslin's argument in this issue about the needed genetic diversity among the human survivors to keep the human species viable. 


Characters appearing or mentioned in this story


Earth Protectorate

Marco Lesa (Returner)

Jenny Lesa

Commander Adama

Doc Cottle


Lt. Gaeta

Petty Officer Dualla



Captain Valerii

President Roslin



Didja Notice?


The young girl named Jenny Lesa introduced in "Bringing Back the Dead" is shown to live on the Phaeton 5, a shipping barge of the Caprican Impex Corporation, now home to 254 human survivors.


On page 5, Doc Cottle remarks that he won't implant a detonator in Marco Lesa's neck even if he is a Returner, telling Commander Adama, "I don't care if he's a three-toed flying farm frog!" It's unknown whether a three-toed flying farm frog is an actual animal in the Twelve Colonies or just a wisecrack by the doc.


On page 8, Caprica-Valerii tells Adama that she was clinically dead after the centurion strangled her before Doc Cottle brought her back from the brink, her consciousness having already begun uploading to a new body on a resurrection ship. Adama seems to accept her mention of said ship without comment, but at this point in the chronology, the humans are not aware of the existence of the resurrection ships (they don't learn of them until "Resurrection Ship" Part 1).


The barge that Captain Valerii has commandeered is said to be a Corovian Star Repair Shuttle. She docks it at the Warashan starbase to have the crewmembers fit it with the FTL drive from her Raptor so they can escape to the rag-tag fleet. This is the first and only mention of "Corovian" and "Warashan" in BSG.


Explaining that leaving the ships with broken FTL drives behind and also subtracting the population with the Returner virus will not leave enough women with reproductive potential to carry on the human race, President Roslin reminds Adama of the sand cats. This is a reference to a discussion they had in "Fear and Joy", about wild Caprican sand cats, a species which nearly became extinct, was saved by conservationists, but then went extinct anyway because they had too small of a breeding population to overcome a genetic weakness that brought death from a lung parasite.


On page 14, Starbuck, leading a team of antebellum Cylons, exclaims, "Can I get a hoo ya!" Hooyah is a term by used by the U.S. Navy as an exclamation of excitement and pride. 

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