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Battlestar Galactica (Reimagined)
Episode Studies
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This is the home page of PopApostle's exploration of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica universe created by Ron Moore for the Sci-Fi Channel in 2003. This will include studies of the original TV mini-series, regular series its associated comic books, novels, etc. and Caprica and other spin-off series.

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Season Zero
Battlestar Galactica: Two Old Men and a Woman Battlestar Galactica: Dark Secrets Battlestar Galactica: Absolutely Necessary Battlestar Galactica: Loose Cannon Battlestar Galactica: The Embry Drop
"Two Old Men and a Woman" "Dark Secrets" "Absolutely Necessary" "Loose Cannon" "The Embry Drop"
BSG: Season Zero #0 BSG: Season Zero #1 BSG: Season Zero #2 BSG: Season Zero #3 BSG: Season Zero #4
Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh are assigned to their new post, the battlestar Galactica. On a planet near the Colonial border of neutral space, Adama locates his former commander…and a contingent of Cylon centurions. Admiral DiMarco makes a controversial decision regarding his actions while mapping an uncharted planet in neutral space. A new pilot by the callsign "Starbuck" stirs up both trouble and admiration on the Galactica. Starbuck and Helo disobey orders to track the terrorists; Colonial Intelligence takes command of the Galactica.
Battlestar Galactica: Hostile Takeover Battlestar Galactica: Boundaries Battlestar Galactica: Twisting in the Wind Battlestar Galactica: Line of Communication Battlestar Galactica: Vertical
"Hostile Takeover" "Boundaries" "Twisting in the Wind" "Line of Communication" "Vertical"
BSG: Season Zero #5 BSG: Season Zero #6 BSG: Season Zero #7 BSG: Season Zero #8 BSG: Season Zero #9
Members of the Galactica crew attempt to determine a counter to Agent Levin’s command. Adama is face to face with DiMarco’s terrorist army, but if push comes to shove, can Adama pull the trigger on his former Commander? The Galactica is called to Picon where Commander Adama is placed before the Colonial admirals to answer for his actions. The Galactica is assigned to deal with a problem that Adama himself is blamed for creating…Colonial revolutionary Byron Dane. Dane’s enemies take out the power on the Galactica, seeking to take down the ship itself.
Battlestar Galactica: Down Battlestar Galactica: Waystation Battlestar Galactica: Balance    
"Down" "Waystation" "Balance"
BSG: Season Zero #10 BSG: Season Zero #11 BSG: Season Zero #12
The Galactica and Commander Adama have been taken down on the Gemenon moon Tycus by the rogue forces working within the Colonial military command. While the Galactica and her commander attempt to recover from the damage sustained previously, Dane finds himself caught between two sides. Boomer is unknowingly caught in the middle of a Cylon disagreement; Adama faces the repercussions of his recent actions.    

Season One