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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Battlestar Galactica: Harbinger

Battlestar Galactica

"Pegasus Interlude"

Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus

Dynamite Entertainment

Writer: Brandon Jerwa

Pencils: Jonathan Lau

Colors: Inlight Studios

Letters: Simon Bowland

Cover: Greg Tocchini



The Pegasus' first encounter with the Cylons is told through the eyes of Admiral Cain.


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Notes from the BSG chronology


This story of the Pegasus takes place sometime after the Galactica's mission to test the StealthStar Viper (as related in flashback in "Endings and Beginnings"), as evidenced by Admiral Rohner's comments about the mission to Admiral Cain here.


Didja Know?


Since this one-shot is titled "Pegasus", I changed it to "Pegasus Interlude" so as not to be confused with the episode titled "Pegasus" and also to fit in as an interlude to the "Pegasus" episode, which I have divided into two parts to accommodate this tale of the Pegasus' early encounter with the Cylons.


In this flashback story, we see that, like the Galactica in Season Zero, the Pegasus also encountered the new Cylon Centurions before the Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies. I have placed this story much later in the chronology though to tie in with Pegasus' first appearance in the TV series in "Pegasus" Part 1.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue


Number Six

Number Four

Number Five

Colonel Cade Ward (retroactively should be Colonel Jurgen Belzen)

Admiral Cain

Admiral Rohner

Lt. Pirelli (Firelli?)

Admiral Tong

Lt. Colonel Fisk


Caustic (Lt. Matt Fanale)

Showboat (Captain Marcia Case)


Lt. Hoshi

Chief Engineer Barry Garner

David Cain (mentioned only, deceased)


Didja Notice?


The story opens with Pegasus docking at the Colonial Fleet Hub at Gemenon, a very large space station orbiting the planet Gemenon, for a refit and shore leave. This is the first mention of the hub. 


Pegasus is identified as BS 62. This is her identification number in the TV series. The Galactica is BS 75.


On page 1, three other battlestars of different designs are seen docked at the hub as Pegasus approaches.
Fleet Hub, Gemenon


Page 3 indicates that the unnamed X.O. of Pegasus who is later executed by Cain's command as stated in "Pegasus" Part 2, was Colonel Cade Ward. But in the later "Razor" Part 1, the X.O. is said to have been Colonel Jurgen Belzen. When this issue was written, the Razor TV movie had not yet been produced, hence the error. Since the TV episodes take precedence, we should imagine that "Jurgen Belzen" is the name used for the X.O. here.


The Pegasus is sent to search for the missing battlestar Chronos, commanded by Admiral Tong.


On page 7, the character of Lt. Pirelli is probably intended to be Lt. Firelli, seen in the same position in CIC aboard Pegasus in "Pegasus" Part 1.


In this issue, "tylium" is misspelled "tillium".


On page 16, a Viper is seen piloted by Lt. Matt Fanale, callsign Caustic. This is likely a reference to the Wisconsin-based American industrial band Caustic and its founder, Matt Fanale.


We see Pegasus Viper pilot Showboat for the first time in this issue. She goes on to appear in several later episodes of the TV series. Another pilot called Showboat (on the Galactica) is mentioned on the war room chalkboard in "The Hand of God".


On page 17, we see Stinger's full name on his cockpit identification plaque as Captain Robert Taylor. But he is identified as Cole Taylor in "Pegasus" Part 1.


Page 19 features the first appearance of Pegasus communications officer Lt. Hoshi. He goes on to appear in several later episodes of the TV series.


On page 25, Fisk's second in command for the boarding party on the fuel depot, Stinger, tells the group, "Mark-One-Eyeball on this whole godsdamn room..." "Mark one eyeball" is a term sometimes used in the military to indicate a visual inspection with one's own eyes.


On page 27, Cain mentions Garner, Pegasus' chief engineer. He later goes on to be promoted to commander of the Pegasus by Adama after the deaths of Cain and Fisk in later episodes.


On page 28, Cain appears to have a collection of antique pistols on the wall of her quarters. We get a better look at these in "Pegasus" Part 2.


The name on the envelope of Cain's letter to what seems to be her father indicates his name was David Cain. We see his death during the first Cylon War in "Razor" Part 1. 

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