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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Battlestar Galactica: Ostinato


Battlestar Galactica: Ghosts #3 (Dynamite)
Writer: Brandon Jerwa
Pencils: Jonathan Lau
Colors: Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
Letters: Simon Bowland
Cover: Dennis Calero


The Cylons pause for an observation of the surviving humans while our human cast makes observations about their own predicament.


Notes from the BSG chronology


This issue takes place during days 1-3 of the Cylon attack on the Colonies seen in "Humanity's Children".


Didja Know?


Battlestar Galactica: Ghosts is a 4-issue mini-series published by Dynamite Entertainment.


The issues of this mini-series were not individually titled. However, the "next issue" blurb in the previous issue (Battlestar Galactica: Ghosts #2) describes this issue as having the title "Ostinato", so I have gone with that here. The word "ostinato" is a motif in a musical piece that repeats throughout.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this story


Number Three

Number One

Number Two

Number Four

Number Five

Number Six

Captain Chen

Captain Tyler

Sgt. Glenn



Ronnie Dyson


Arco Tyler



Sola Arvin

Lt. Dozil Pennit (a Number Two model Cylon)

Ian Rao

Kiplinn Rao

Teresa Manning (a Number Three model Cylon)

Issac Shanto

Ismel Shanto

Peter Gilmour

Azila Pennit (a memory construct of Dozil's imaginary sister)




Didja Notice?


On page 6, after the Medusa successfully blasts off from Aquaria City, the Marines shout "Hoo-ah!" On modern Earth, this is slang used by U.S. Army personnel basically meaning "anything and everything except 'no'". The actual equivalent in U.S. Marine slang is "Oorah!"


On page 11, a basestar releases a wave of ships composed of Raiders and Heavy Raiders.


On page 18, Dyson serves the new combined crew of the Orion spiced chicken peanut soup. "Chicken" has been mentioned a few times in the BSG2000 universe, suggesting that the fowl now on Earth was brought from the Twelve Colonies or Kobol (or that the Earth fowl was named after a similar species from those earlier human worlds) and "peanut" is also later mentioned in "The Hand of God".


On pages 24-27, Pennit (a Number Two model Cylon plant who does not yet know he's a Cylon) is made to experience an hallucination (projection) of his programmed memory of a childhood farm home on Gemenon. Projection by the Cylons is officially explained in "Torn". In this case, it may be that Teresa (a Number Three model Cylon) is forcing the projection onto Pennit.


In panels 2 and 3 of page 25, notice that child Pennit has a lunchbox labeled "Viper" with the fighter ship's image on it.


On the last page of the issue, the Orion appears to have five of the old Cylon centurions rigged in as autopilots.

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