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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Battlestar Galactica: Exodus (Part 2)

Battlestar Galactica

"Exodus" Part 2

TV episode

Written by Bradley Thompson & David Weddle

Directed by Félix Alcalá

Original air date: October 20, 2006


Admiral Adama launches his rescue of the humans on New Caprica.


Read the summary of the episode at the Battlestar Wiki site


Notes from the BSG chronology


This episode picks up immediately after the events of "Exodus" Part 1.


Didja Know?


This is the second of a two-part episode called "Exodus". Back in 1979, the second issue of the BSG70 comic published by Marvel Comics was also titled "Exodus", the second part of their adaptation of the pilot, "Saga of a Star World". I used that title as the title of "Saga of a Star World" Part 2 in the PopApostle study.


This episode is the first television appearance of the Raptor pilot Paolo "Redwing" McKay, though he chronologically appears earlier in "Gods & Monsters" Part 2.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode




Admiral Adama

Colonel Tigh

Ellen Tigh (dies in this episode, but is eventually seen as resurrected as one of the Final Five Cylons)

Sam Anders


Felix Gaeta


Number Three

Number Four

Number Five

Laura Roslin

Tom Zarek

Gunnery Sergeant Erin Mathias

Tory Foster


Maya (dies in the episode)

Charlie Connor


Captain Kelly





Leoben Conoy


Galen Tyrol

Hot Dog

Paolo "Redwing" McKay


Caprica Six

Head Six

Julia Brynn (Kacey's real mother)




Didja Notice?


At 10:39 on the Blu-ray, we see a rotary phone on Gaeta's desk on Colonial One.


At 10:41 on the Blu-ray, we see that Gaeta is drawing a picture of a gigantic sword over a simple landscape with trees. Possibly, this is a reference to the Sword of Damocles. The Sword of Damocles is from a Greek legend that tells of the man Damocles who exclaims that the emperor Dionysius is truly fortunate for all his power and fortune. Dionysius offers to let Damocles exchange lives for a day so he may feel what it's like and the man eagerly agrees. Damocles is then treated like a king and enjoys a sumptuous meal in the court. Only after he finishes eating does he notice a sword dangling precariously above, held by a thread, whereupon Damocles asks the emperor's leave, saying he no longer wants to be so fortunate. The tale is meant to illustrate the constant fear and danger felt by those in power.


At 18:55 on the Blu-ray, several Dixon China Markers are seen on the battle map in Galactica's CIC.


At 25:40 on the Blu-ray, Gaeta threatens to kill Baltar with a Vektor CP1 pistol. Baltar himself carries a CP1 as he searches for Number Three shortly after.


At 25:55 on the Blu-ray, a PAN-GAL (Pan-Galactic) ship is seen lifting off from New Caprica. This is probably the same Pan-Galactic ship seen escaping Ragnar Anchorage shortly after the decimation of the Twelve Colonies in "Flight".


Gaeta accuses Baltar of having brought the remnants of humanity to the apocalypse, then says "And I turned out to be..." Baltar finishes for him, "An idealist. There's no sin in that." But what was Gaeta actually going to say he was? Possibly it was "idealist"...but might it have been "collaborator"? The way I see it, Gaeta probably did think he was an idealist at first and by following Baltar when Baltar was elected president, the president's betrayal of humanity led Gaeta into what he sees as being a collaborator with the Cylons. Gaeta's heart, and, to an extent, his mind, is broken by this realization. This nicely sets him up for events to follow, where, in the fourth season of the series, he betrays Adama and Roslin when they enter into an accord with the Cylon rebels, he no longer able to trust leadership figures.


Apollo sets the Pegasus on a collision course with one of the four Cylon basestars, destroying both vessels. The skeleton crew of the Pegasus escapes in Raptors before the collision. It's possible the producers were inspired by the BSG70 Marvel comic book issue #13, "Collision Course".


In this episode, we learn that Starbuck's "apartment" on New Caprica was located within the New Caprica Detention Center.


At 34:17 on the Blu-ray, Baltar finds Maya dead. Does he know that she was Hera's guardian? It's not revealed, but, as vice-president at the time the baby was given to her, it's possible he's known all along and did not reveal it to the Cylons during the occupation of New Caprica. He calls the baby Hera, so he knows the girl's name, which suggests he knows her parentage; the comment from Head Six that "it's her" also suggests this.


Near the end of this episode, Starbuck learns that she is not Kacey's real mother. Kacey's mother is seen here, but not named except in the closing credits, as Julia. Later, in "Torn", we learn her last name (and therefore, Kacey's last name) is Brynn.


When Tigh tells Adama that not everyone made it, Adama seem to realize instinctively that Ellen Tigh is one of the dead.


Adama shaves with a DOVO Solingen razor at the end of the episode.


Unanswered Questions


Considering the fleet's limited supplies in the first place, how much Colonial equipment was left behind on New Caprica during the evacuation?


Did all of the fleet ships on New Caprica manage to leave it successfully?


How many people were left behind on New Caprica? What happened to them?


Memorable Dialog

find Earth.mp3

your father has pulled off more than a few miracles.mp3
I saw the look on your face.mp3
one half-strength battlestar.mp3
a battlestar named Galactica.mp3
it would be better for her sake if it was you.mp3
I smiled and I faked it to save you.mp3
pack up your centurions and go.mp3
four baseships.mp3
it's been an honor.mp3
the dream of Gaius Baltar.mp3
an idealist.mp3
I'm begging you.mp3
I'll never forget this moment.mp3
I guess you didn't understand my orders.mp3
this is life.mp3

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