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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Battlestar Galactica: Exodus (Part 1)

Battlestar Galactica

"Exodus" Part 1

TV episode

Written by David Weddle & Bradley Thompson

Directed by Félix Alcalá

Original air date: October 13, 2006


Caprica-Valerii leads a Colonial team to New Caprica; D'Anna suspects the half-Cylon baby, Hera, still lives.


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Notes from the BSG chronology


This episode picks up immediately after the events of "Precipice".


Didja Know?


This is the first of a two-part episode called "Exodus". Back in 1979, the second issue of the BSG70 comic published by Marvel Comics was also titled "Exodus", the second part of their adaptation of the pilot, "Saga of a Star World". I used that title "Exodus" as the title of "Saga of a Star World" Part 2 in the PopApostle study.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode


Number One


Laura Roslin


Tom Zarek

Colonel Tigh

Ellen Tigh

Galen Tyrol

Nicholas Tyrol (mentioned only)

Diana Seelix


Gunnery Sergeant Erin Mathias

Sam Anders

Charlie Connor

Admiral Adama

Number Three


Caprica Six


Number Five



Leoben Conoy

Dodona Selloi (oracle)





Lt. Hoshi


Jake (dog)

Dr. Cottle



Tory Foster

Captain Kelly



Didja Notice?


The episode opens with a repeat of the last minute or so of "Precipice".


After Ellen helps Saul apply his eye patch, she seems about to admit what she did to protect him from the Cylons, but they are interrupted by the entrance of Tyrol.


Tyrol has shaved his beard in between episodes.


At 4:08 on the Blu-ray, we get a brief glimpse of the names on a sheet of paper designating which human prisoners the Cylons are planning to execute. Some of it is hard to read due to wrinkles on the page and the depth of focus, but the names are listed here as best as I can make them out: Wei Ho (Cashier), Andrew Schultz (Therapist), Takashi Nitut (Physician), Don Wilberg (Repairs), Taco Witte (Radio), Wilson Sena (Teller), Simon Woo (Therapist), Taco Trajano (CFC; possibly Corporal First Class), Nate Watt (Entertainer), Jes Tei (Priest), Mike Sharp (Services), Jonas Renault (Mechanic), Peter Beken (ITI), Ronan Versex (Food Services), John Weynholds (Rabi), Antonio Totic (Officer), Koichi Sands (P.R.: possibly Public Relations). Others are readable only as first names and/or jobs.


At 12:32 on the Blu-ray, a resistance fighter is seen carrying a Norinco Type 84S rifle.


The pistol Number One tries to reach at 12:53 on the Blu-ray is a Vektor CP1. 


At 19:00 on the Blu-ray, a large rock is seen in the city with ropes tied around it to help anchor nearby tents. The rock also has strange, possibly religious, symbols painted on it. Similar symbols are seen inside the oracle's tent. A crate with unusual markings is also seen on the right-hand side of the screen.
stone crate


The oracle remarks to Number Three that the "child of two peoples" (human and Cylon) will be named Hera, "after the wife and sister of the all-knowing Zeus." In Greek mythology, the king of the gods, Zeus, is married to his sister, Hera.


At 22:41 on the Blu-ray, Racetrack pours Aerilon Crystal brand salt on the flight deck as part of a ceremony to grant troops luck in an upcoming battle. Salt has played a role in religious ceremonies throughout human history on Earth.


Number Three is somehow familiar with the dog called Jake who is an unknowing part of the resistance's information stream.


Number One implies that the pain of resurrection gets worse each time.


Baltar's portrait is no longer hanging on the wall of Colonial One at 29:45 on the Blu-ray.


Sam tells Caprica-Valerii that he has not seen Starbuck (his wife) in four months and he doesn't know if she's alive or dead.


Tyrol tells Caprica-Valerii that he and Cally's son was named Nicholas after Cally's grandfather.


Memorable Dialog

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