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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Battlestar Galactica: Epiphanies

Battlestar Galactica


TV episode

Written by Joel Anderson Thompson

Directed by Rod Hardy

Original air date: January 20, 2006


While President Roslin lies at death’s door, succumbing to the cancer, a coalition of anti-military Cylon sympathizers begins a campaign of sabotage within the fleet.


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Didja Know?


The opening titles show the fleet at a population of 49,598, down six from "Resurrection Ship" Part 2. Gina Inviere killed a Pegasus marine and Admiral Cain in that episode, plus we may assume that four people died during the attack against the Cylon fleet, which is actually a very light fatality count for such a huge battle!


The Pegasus does not appear in any shot in the entire episode. Even external shots of the fleet in space do not depict her!


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode


President Roslin

Caprica doctor (in Roslin's memories only, presumed deceased)

Billy Keikeya

Naylin Stans (in Roslin's memories only, presumed deceased)

Richard Adar (in Roslin's memories only, presumed deceased)


Number Six (in Roslin's memories only)

Dr. Cottle





Chief Tyrol


Admiral Adama

Caprica Valerii

Head Six


Colonel Tigh


Asha Janik

Royan Jahee

Gina Inviere


Didja Notice?


The flashback to Laura Roslin's cancer diagnosis on Caprica at the beginning of the episode tells us that it occurred 189 days ago.


When Baltar sees Head Six again after some time, he states that it has been weeks. This suggests the episode takes place at least two weeks after the events of "Resurrection Ship" Part 2.


The pamphlets of the Demand Peace movement found in Asha Janik's quarters read (in part):
Commander Adama would have you believe that he will save us. But can one man save the future of all mankind? Clearly, the task is too great for a warrior, it demands the perspective of a statesman and a historian. In short, a democratic council. Is this what we have? Despite lip service to the processes of democracy the truth is...
1. Only open dialogue can save mankind.
2. The military is the servant, not the master, of the fleet.
3. The Cylons will respond to reasonable dialogue.
4. Democracy is the key to responsible decision making for the future of mankind.
5. Man and Cylons can coexist is peace.
6. We are at the dawn of a new beginning for mankind.
7. The enemies of peace are the enemies of mankind.
(The rest is not quite legible in the camera movements of the scene, though Tigh and Apollo quote from the pamphlet: "Do not be afraid, we are not terrorists, but we will not sit back while Adama's war machine continues to press us into cruel and futile conflict," and "Our demonstrations worked. News is already spreading across the fleet.")
The logo on the flyer for the Demand Peace movement appears to be called "The Flying Man", according to the literature. Note also, that the pamphlets still refer to Adama as "Commander", even though he has been an admiral for at least a couple weeks now. Possibly, the literature was printed before his promotion.

Flying Man


Apollo states that Demand Peace member Asha Janik was a maintenance worker from the ship Greenleaf in the fleet. The Greenleaf later appears in a few more episodes of the series.


Janik's portable library reader contains information about the Daru Mozu, a tylium refinery ship that was introduced in "Serve and Protect".


Gina's bodyguard at 23:53 on the Blu-ray is armed with a Beretta CX4 Storm rifle, also widely seen as a standard weapon of the Colonial marines throughout the series.


During her seeming death-throes from cancer, President Roslin has memory/visions of Baltar and Number Six (whom Roslin knows as the Cylon called Shelly Godfrey) kissing in Caprica City shortly before the Cylon attack on the Colonies. It may have been these previously unrecalled memories that made her convinced that Baltar was in some way involved with the fall of the Colonies, as she stated to him in "Six Degrees of Separation".


At 41:34 on the Blu-ray, a couple of Colonial shuttles can be seen in the Cloud Nine's docking bay.

Colonial shuttles


At the end of the episode, Baltar gives Gina the nuclear warhead he received for his Cylon testing process in "Bastille Day". The radiation symbols seen on the device are the same as those seen in "Act of Contrition".


Notes from the audio commentary by Ron Moore on the Blu-ray release


Ron Moore remarks that they have Gina Inviere wearing glasses in her hideout on Cloud Nine as her "Clark Kent" disguise so no one will recognize that she was the same Cylon model as Shelly Godfrey!


Unanswered Questions


When Baltar finds that Gina Inviere has apparently become a leader of the Demand Peace movement in the fleet, he asks, "Do they have any idea what you are?" and she responds, "Of course not, even their dedication has limits." But haven't the pictures of all known humanoid Cylons been spread through the fleet, including those of the Number Six model? I guess the "Clark Kent glasses" disguise is really working!


Memorable Dialog

the Cylon pregnancy must be terminated.mp3
the Cylon subspecies.mp3
jealousy is a really ugly emotion.mp3
it's easier to kill when you call it a Cylon.mp3
beacon of hope.mp3

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