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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Battlestar Galactica: Downloaded

Battlestar Galactica


TV episode

Written by Bradley Thompson and David Weddle

Directed by Jeff Woolnough

Original air date: February 24, 2006


On Cylon-occupied Caprica, the resurrected Number 6 and Boomer are viewed as heroes by the Cylons; in the fleet, Caprica-Valerii gives birth to her baby.


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Notes from the BSG chronology


The episode opens with a scene said to take place "nine months ago", set moments before the Cylon attack on Caprica in "Humanity's Children", indicating the "present day" scenes take place nine months after the destruction of the Twelve Colonies. The scene following it indicates that Boomer's "death" at the point of Cally's gun in "Resistance" was ten weeks after the Cylon assault.


The opening titles show the fleet at a population of 49,579, down five from the previous episode "The Captain's Hand", accounting for the deaths of Commander Garner, Buster, Shark, and the crew of Raptor 314 in that episode. This population number is also the same as that shown in the TV movie Razor, a flashback story that aired shortly before the premiere of season four. This and the promotion of Apollo to commander of Pegasus after the death of Commander Garner in "Razor" Part 1, would seem to place Razor just before this episode. However, this population count would mean it ignores the deaths of Major Shaw, a Raptor crew, and an SAR marine in "Razor" Part 2.


Didja Know?


This episode is the first to state that Boomer is a Number Eight, D'Anna is a Number Three, and Doral is a Number Five.


This is also the first episode in which the humanoid Cylons are referred to as skin jobs (by Anders). The term "skin job" seems to have been borrowed from the 1982 film Blade Runner, which featured "replicants", synthetic people nearly indistinguishable from humans.


PopApostle has taken to referring the Number Six that Baltar sees in his head as Head Six. Picking up from that, the version of Baltar that the resurrected Caprica Six sees in her head will be referred to as Head Baltar.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode



Caprica Six

Number Six (another Six model)

Number Three

Number Eight

Head Baltar


Cally (in flashback only)


Admiral Adama

Number Five



Paramedic Layne Ishay

Dr. Cottle

Hera Agathon

Jean Barolay (member of the Caprica resistance)

Sam Anders

Apollo (in flashback only)

President Roslin

Colonel Tigh

Head Six

Hilliard (member of the Caprica resistance)

Number Four

Tori Foster

Starbuck (mentioned only)




Didja Notice?


At 9:48 on the Blu-ray, a clock is seen atop a building in the Caprica cityscape. In reality, it is the Vancouver Clock Tower in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where the series was filmed.


This episode is the first mention of "boxing", the Cylon term for keeping a humanoid Cylon's consciousness in cold storage.


The human resistance on Caprica refers to Cylon Centurions as bullet-heads. 


Boomer's apartment number on Caprica is 502.


As Boomer does pull-ups in her apartment on Caprica, the towel on her right shoulder keeps changing position. Then, when she finishes her pull-ups, the towel is gone from her shoulder and she picks it up from the floor.


Boomer has what appears to be a widescreen, flat panel TV in her apartment set in a vertical position!

vertical TV


At 12:56 on the Blu-ray, Caprica Six sees photos of young Boomer's fictitious parents, family, and friends.
Valerii family
Valerii family
Valerii family


Caprica Six states that she lived on Caprica for two years before the Cylon attack against the Colonies.


The jacket Boomer puts on in her apartment on Caprica is a bit reminiscent of the Colonial Warrior jackets seen in BSG70.
Boomer's jacket Starbuck


A Cobray M11/9 submachine gun is seen hanging behind Anders at 17:00 on the Blu-ray. He carries it later while setting the bombs at a Cylon-occupied building.


We get our first full exterior look at Baltar's house on Caprica at 17:36 on the Blu-ray.
Baltar's house
Baltar's house


The child born to Helo and Caprica-Valerii is a girl, just as she predicted in "Home" Part 2. They name her Hera.


At 21:16 on the Blu-ray, a Number Six is seen walking in Caprica City with a bald black man. His face is not seen, but he is presumably a Number Four. Another similar figure is seen in profile view in the background of the cafe at 23:47. Possibly the actor who's played Four in the past (Rick Worthy) was not available for this episode or the producers wanted to save some money by just using a silent extra seen only from behind. The figure seen in the cafe is obviously not actor Rick Worthy!


The cars seen in the Caprica parking garage at 21:21 and later on the Blu-ray are a 1984 Avanti, 1972 Citroën DS (with Caprica license plate SEXYMOM and bumper sticker reading "C-BUCKS RULE"; C-Bucks is short for the Caprica Buccaneers, Caprica City's professional pyramid team for whom Anders and much of his resistance force used to play), 1969 Rover 2000 TC, and 1946 Tatra 87 (with license plate TS 72 48; possibly a European plate since the car was originally made in Czechoslovakia). It's interesting to see that the production is already using unusual, rarely-seen automobiles on Caprica, just as they would later do in 2009 for the prequel TV series Caprica.


Number Three takes a Desert Eagle pistol off of Anders at 28:45 on the Blu-ray.


    When Number Three finds that the unconscious Anders is wearing Starbuck's dog tags, she remarks to the others that Starbuck was there "a couple of weeks ago". But Starbuck was on Caprica many months ago, not weeks, by the "present day" of this episode. It's possible that the Caprica scenes here take place about two weeks after the events of "The Farm", in which Starbuck returned to the fleet. In that case, the birth of Hera plotline takes places months after the Caprica scenes even though we jump back-and-forth between the plotlines as if they are taking place at the same time.

    Starbuck left her dog tags with Anders in "The Farm". She will get them back from him in "Lay Down Your Burdens" Part 1.


Starbuck's dog tag shows her serial number as 462453.


At 33:11 on the Blu-ray, a box or crate is seen against a wall of Baltar's lab with the word "FAUNUS" stenciled on it. Not sure what this means (if anything) in the context of the show. Faunus is the Roman name of the Greek god Pan, god of the wild, shepherds, and flocks.


Roslin orders Dr. Cottle to fake the death of Hera in order to prevent Caprica-Valerii from raising it. The baby is given to a woman in the fleet named Maya (who lost her own baby) to raise. Maya is told the baby is from a Pegasus officer who can't keep the child for political and religious reasons and the "truth" must remain secret. The later episode "The Eye of Jupiter" reveals that even Admiral Adama did not know that Hera's death was faked; only President Roslin, Tory Foster, and Dr. Cottle knew the truth.


At 34:16 on the Blu-ray, Roslin's whiteboard still lists the population of the fleet as 49,579, despite the birth of Hera. It makes sense since Roslin and Cottle have just faked Hera's death.


While awaiting rescue in the collapsed parking garage, Head Baltar says to Caprica Six, "Life is short. But the next one's not. Let your heart adrift and your soul will get caught." As far as I can tell, this is an original "poem" written for the episode. But it does appear that the quote was reused in the 2012 thriller novel Rattlesnake Island by Randall N. Dunn.


After letting Anders escape, Caprica Six tells Boomer that the Cylons need a new beginning, a way without hate. In "Lay Down Your Burdens" Part 2, Cavil tells Adama it was the war heroes Caprica Six and Boomer that convinced the Cylons to take a different tack than wiping out the human fleet.


Unanswered Questions


Where did Dr. Cottle get the infant corpse to present as the deceased Hera to her parents Helo and Caprica-Valerii?


Memorable Dialog

welcome home, little sister.mp3

you are a war hero.mp3
I'm just another Six.mp3
one might almost call it inhuman.mp3
I'm a frakking Cylon.mp3
unbearably obtuse.mp3
a new beginning.mp3

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