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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Battlestar Galactica: Dirty Hands

Battlestar Galactica

"Dirty Hands"

TV episode

Written by Anne Cofell Saunders and Jane Espenson

Directed by Wayne Rose

Original air date: February 25, 2007


Defying President Roslin and Admiral Adama, Chief Tyrol leads a labor strike on the tylium refinery ship.


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Didja Know?


The opening titles show the fleet population at 41,400, up two from the previous episode "A Day in the Life". Presumably, two births occurred in the fleet in the interim.


The tylium ship is revealed to be named the Hitei Kan in a deleted scene of this episode. 


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode


Chief Tyrol






Specialist Seelix

Anthony Figurski

Joanne Pollux


President Roslin

Tory Foster

Admiral Adama

Dr. Cottle (mentioned only)

Xeno Fenner

Nicholas Tyrol

Head Six



Daniel Noon



Didja Notice?


At 1:45 on the Blu-ray, a man with a prosthetic arm and claw-like hand is seen working as a crewmember in the Galactica hangar bay. Might this be a nod to the character briefly seen as the duty officer in the Interfleet Navigational Operations room in the BSG70 episode "Take the Celestra" and who may have been the same character called Ironhand in the novel Surrender the Galactica, as the captain of the Broadside?


At 1:48 on the Blu-ray, we see that a crewmember in the hangar bay has a copy of Baltar's prison writings, My Triumphs, My Mistakes. The header at the top of the cover page of the treatise reads, "PRISON NOTES: The truth cannot be suppressed."


Cally refers to Caprica, Virgon, and Tauron as "rich colonies" and Aerelon, Sagittaron, and Gemenon as "poor colonies". In episodes of the prequel series Caprica, set nearly 60 years before Battlestar Galactica, Tauron is considered one of the poorer colonies, her natives even called "dirteaters" on the colony of Caprica. Something must have changed in those 60 years to rise Tauron to a level of wealth prominence.


Regarding the people inhabiting the tylium refinery ship, President Roslin remarks, "Over the past two years, parents have taught children how to operate the machinery...they have passed along their skills." But it has been well over three years since the fleet left the Twelve Colonies. Possibly she is omitting the roughly year-and-a-half spent on New Caprica to make it "two years" of parents teaching their children their skills...and yet that's not the same as her statement of the "past two years".


Baltar tells Tyrol he was raised on a dairy outside the town of Cuffle's Breath Wash on Aerilon. Baltar's upbringing there was also mentioned in "Important Projects".


At 34:23 on the Blu-ray, a computer console has the brand name Astro-Med, Inc. on it. Astro-Med, now known as AstroNova, is a manufacturer of data visualization technologies.


When Cally is arrested as a ringleader of the general strike of the deckhands aboard Galactica, she tells her husband not to worry about her because, "I've been in the brig before." Cally was incarcerated in the brig for 30 days in "The Farm" (technically for "discharging a firearm without permission", but her actual crime was the murder of the Cylon called Boomer).


The workers' union that Chief Tyrol headed on New Caprica was called the Colonial Workers' Alliance. The union is revived for the workers of the fleet in this episode.


Notes from the audio commentary by Ron Moore on the Blu-ray release


Moore reveals that the scenes in the tylium refinery ship were shot at an old sugar processing factory. (The same factory was used for some scenes at Ragnar Anchorage in "Flight" and "Enemies Among Us".) 


Memorable Dialog

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in a manner of speaking.mp3
back on the road to finding Earth.mp3
is that a hint of hope I hear?.mp3
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the ruling class.mp3
children work in the refinery.mp3
is that the future we want?.mp3
lack of imagination.mp3
I take that as a particular compliment.mp3
oh, to be Caprican.mp3
that's what the aristocracy wants.mp3
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set of rules.mp3
do you know what we do with mutineers?.mp3
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