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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
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Battlestar Galactica: Blood on the Scales

Battlestar Galactica

"Blood on the Scales"

TV episode

Written by Michael Angeli

Directed by Wayne Rose

Original air date: February 6, 2009


Rebels seize control of Galactica and take steps to eliminate Roslin and Adama.


Read the summary of the episode at the Battlestar Wiki


Didja Know?


The opening titles show the fleet at a population of 39,603, down 40 from the previous episode "The Oath", presumably due to deaths on both sides of the mutiny in that episode (mostly on the side of Adama's people since the mutiny has just begun and had a strong element of surprise).


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode



Number Eight

President Roslin


Hot Dog

Specialist Gage

Lt. Gaeta (dies in this episode)

Captain Kelly

Colonel Tigh

Admiral Adama

Specialist Vireem

Number Six

Leoben Conoy

Tory Foster

Tom Zarek (dies in this episode)

Specialist Tyrol

Sam Anders







Caprica Six

Romo Lampkin

Jacob Cantrell (dies in this episode)
Reza Chronides (dies in this episode)
Delegate Dahlia (dies in this episode)

Nicholas Tyrol (mentioned only)

Cally (mentioned only, deceased)


Lt. Hoshi

Marine Parr (dies in this episode)



Didja Notice?


At 7:50 on the Blu-ray, a Colonial landram is seen traversing the length of the Galactica hangar bay as Colonial One makes its landing.


The joke Zarek tells Racetrack after Colonial One lands aboard Galactica ends with him giving the punch line as, "Shall we save the kids?" and the attorney says, "Frak them," and the priest says, "Do we have time?" Besides being an "indecent" joke, this may be an indication that the leaders of some religious sects in the Colonies had a nefarious predilection for pedophilia, just as many such as the Roman Catholic Church, have notoriously developed today.


When Romo Lampkin is taken in during the mutiny, he asks the guards leading him away, "I don't suppose anyone's going to feed my dog?" In "Sine Qua Non", Apollo gives Romo the New Caprica resistance hero dog called Jake to care for.


Romo refers to the two mutinous marines guarding him and Adama as "Wynken and Blynken". This appears to be a reference to the Earth poem of 1889 by American poet Eugene Field, "Wynken, Blynken, and Nod", about a child who has a dream of being a fisherman sailing in an old wooden shoe.


When the Quorum refuses to acknowledge him as President after the coup, Vice President Zarek has them all gunned down in chambers.


Captain Kelly holds a Beretta CX4 Storm rifle on Specialist Tyrol at 18:55 on the Blu-ray.


The Number Six model Cylon who comforts Baltar at 20:24 on the Blu-ray looks to be a younger version of the typical Six incarnation. Scriptwriter Michael Angeli says her name is Lida in an interview with the Chicago Tribune.


At 35:57 on the Blu-ray, when Tyrol enters his service credentials into the computer to shut down Galactica's FTL drive, the screen gives his rank as Senior Chief, but is also marked as "Inactive". He lost the rank of Chief when Admiral Adama busted him down to Specialist in "Escape Velocity"; so, he's not "inactive", he's a Specialist. (Later, he regains the rank of Chief in "No Exit", due to the murder of Chief Peter Laird and Tyrol's own heroic actions against the Colonial mutiny here.)


This episode gives Tyrol's service number as 409185.


In this episode, we get our first look at the workings of Galactica's FTL drive.


The Marines (as usual) carry Beretta CX4 Storm rifles which, at the end of this episode, are used to execute Lt. Gaeta and Vice President Zarek for their leadership of the mutiny against the leadership of the fleet. 


Unanswered Questions


Were Gaeta and Zarek given trials for their leadership of the attempted coup? How much time passed from their arrest to their execution?


Memorable Dialog

I care too much for this ship.mp3
cut off one of your frakkin' legs.mp3
I'm not a very good shot.mp3
Commander Gaeta.mp3
the truth is told by whoever's left standing.mp3
who do you want to be?.mp3
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