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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Battlestar Galactica: Ark of Fire

"Ark of Fire"

Battlestar Galactica #1 (Dynamite)

Writer: Greg Pak

Art: Nigel Raynor

Colors: David Curiel and Captain Moreno

Letters: Simon Bowland

Cover C: Nigel Raynor



Against his better judgment, Commander Adama brings in Medevac 12 for investigation.


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Didja Know?


The issues of this series were untitled. I assigned the title "Ark of Fire" to this issue based on a line of prophecy from the Sacred Scrolls in this issue. 


Characters appearing or mentioned in this story


Commander Adama



Zak (Returner)

Lt. Gaeta

Darrin Dualla (Returner)


Daniel Estaran (Returner)

Sheila San (Returner)

Marco Lesa (Returner)

Jenny Lesa



Head Six

Tom Zarek (mentioned only)


Didja Notice?


Even though Starbuck is established as a sharpshooter in "Bastille Day", page 6 seems to suggest that Zak was a better shooter, even if he did lack flying skills.


Page 8 establishes several of the Returners as having surviving family members within the rag-tag fleet. It is highly coincidental that any of the small number of Returners would have surviving family in the fleet after the annihilation of the Twelve Colonies.


On page 733 of the Sacred Scrolls, the coming of the Returners is seemingly foretold, "The dead shall return in an ark of fire."


Ironically, in the Season Four episode "He That Believeth In Me", after Starbuck seemingly comes back from the dead, Apollo muses on the thought of Zak coming back in a similar manner (no mention of the events of this comic book series is made). Also in the same episode, Starbuck wonders if she could be a clone made by the Cylons and implanted with the real Starbuck's memories.


On page 15, a geometric painting is seen on the wall of Adama's quarters that is never seen in a TV episode. If fact, from the layout of the room, we should see the Monclair painting in this space instead.


This issue introduces the Earth Protectorate, an outlaw organization in the fleet that sets out to destroy the FTL drive of every ship within in order to prevent the fleet from finding and leading the Cylons to the last haven of humanity.


The Returners escape from Medevac 12 aboard zip pods, small life boats that can be ejected into space from a Colonial ship.

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